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Functional Details

Functional details include the following:

Price and Travel Time Distribution

You can define a weight value for either price and/or travel time as follows:

  • This applies to Sabre’s Air Shopping diversity model, and a static 65 percent is set for all customers for the lowest options and short travel time in the result sets returned.
  • For Price and Travel Time, the weighted measure controls the options for "short travel time but more expensive" and options for the lowest options, but with long travel time (35 percent of the options).
  • You can control 35 percent of the weight value for price and travel time parameters. The 35 percent will appear within the mixture of Bargain Finder Max result sets returned.
  • The shopping logic determines which option should be selected (only if there are two or more options with the same price). Price has top priority.


  • PriceWeight – defines the importance of the price of the options (on a scale of 0 to 10).
  • TravelTimeWeight – defines the importance of travel time (on a scale of 0 to 10).

Percentage Versus Number of Additional Nonstops

This allows the customer to define a percentage or a number of additional nonstop itineraries to be returned.

Additional Nonstop Percentage

  • Defines the percentage of additional non-stop options that should be added to response.
  • The nonstop percentage would be additive options. It means that the customer will receive as more options as it was requested.
  • Additional Non-Stops Maximum Percentage will be set as a default value of 50 percent. Users cannot request 100 percent nonstop. For example, a BFM100 user could request 50 percent nonstop, and the Sabre system would return their 100 lowest fare options, plus an additional 50 nonstop options.
  • The new qualifier nonstop is combinable with other qualifiers (unless there is a conflict), including, but not limited to:
    • Forced connection using current connect points.
    • Maximum number of connections.
    • Long connection.
    • No connection to/from/through specified airport.
    • Maximum number of flight stops.
    • Specified routing/carrier.

Additional Nonstop Number

  • Defines the number of additional non-stop options that should be added to the response.
  • The additional number of nonstops requested by this parameter will be additive options as well. It means that when the user of the BFM100 sends a request with 20 additional nonstops, the Sabre system will return their 100 lowest fare options, plus an additional 20 nonstop options.
  • Maximum of Additional Nonstops to receive is set to 50 percent of the total returned options (by default).