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Functional Details

You can do the following:

  • Define specific alternate dates at the request level. You can specify exact dates and multiple dates (example: 01Jul – 09Jul, 02Jul – 10Jul, 03Jul – 11Jul).
  • Specify days of the week at the request level. Example: FRI – MON, SAT – MON for weekend shopping and multiple weekends can be shopped.
  • Specify the length of stay at the request level. Example: Seven-day length of stay, where the user defines the seven days as SAT – SAT, MON – MON, and you can shop multiple weeks at a time.
  • Specify a minimum and maximum length of stay at the request level.
  • Specify the number of options to be returned in the request (between 1 and 5 options).
  • Request up to a +/- 7 date pair combinations for a total of 15x15 date combinations.

The date combination can be a variable on the outbound and inbound. For example, request +/- 1 on the outbound and a +/- 5 on the inbound date.