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Functional Details

Alternate Airport includes the following:

  • Bargain Finder Max customers can request and define up to 20 airports in any combination (for example, 2x7 or 15x2 at origin and/or destination, up to a 32 origin and destination combinations).
  • The response will include at least one lowest fare for each airport pair when a solution is applicable and available. The response will include the remaining options in low-to-high price order for a total of up to 32 options.
  • In addition to the low-to-high price order, the sort can be overridden with the current Bargain Finder Max sorting priority options (such as price, direct flights, time, and vendor).
  • Multi-airport city codes (such as NYC / LON / PAR) are not applicable and, when included in the request, will result in an error message.
  • Each airport combination is processed independent of other airport combinations.
  • Applicable to one-way or round-trip requests.
  • You can search multiple airports equally. Each airport combination is unique and will be treated as such with no primary airport comparison.
  • When a round-trip request contains multiple origin airports and/or destination airports, the system will only return options where the outward point of departure and the inward point of arrival are equal and the outward point of arrival and the inward point of departure are equal as follows:

    Round-Trip Request

    Valid Responses

    Invalid Response


    DFW – LAX – DFW


    DFW – SFO – DFW


    DFW – OAK – DFW


    DFW – SNA – DFW


    DFW – LAS – DFW

    DFW – LAX / SFO – DFW