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Frequently Asked Questions

ClosedHow does the element Price and Travel Time work along with indicator for Long Connection enabled?

If you place weight preference on short travel time and have Long connection enabled, this means you prefer the shortest connections even through it is more expensive, but you will also receive long connection options. The system will try to find the shortest possible connection, but if there is a less expensive long connection, this will also be returned.


ClosedWhat is the impact of the new request parameters with rules settings?

Request parameters will have priority; rule overrides will apply.


ClosedHow does the new parameter Price and Travel impact the existing Priorities (Price, Direct Flight, Time, Vendor)? Does it complement or override?

It complements – It is a recommendation that means the client prefers short travel time or the price is the most important, and connection time is not as important. Price is always the top priority.


ClosedAre the Diversity Customization parameters new to Air Shopping?

No, these parameters are available at the rule level, and this enhancement allows you to request additional nonstops and price and travel parameters at the request level.


ClosedDo the request parameters apply to Alternate Dates at the request?

No, Alternate Dates is out of scope for the Diversity Customization feature.


ClosedWhat is the limit on additional nonstops requested?

You can request 100 or 100 percent, but the default logic will return up to 50 or 50 percent additional non stops (if available).