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Route Happy


Attribute FreeCarryOn
Type xs:boolean

Allows filtering solution by availability with Free Carry-On baggage - available on Main Fare, Main Fare Leg, Flex Fares, Flex Fares Leg. Available through BargainFinderMaxRQ and RevalidateItinRQ.

Note  If one of the new attributes is specified at the leg level, it will override the setting for the fare.


Sample SOAP Value

        <Baggage FreePieceRequired="true" FreeCarryOn="true"/>
        <Leg Number="1">
          <Baggage FreePieceRequired="false" FreeCarryOn="false"/>
  <Baggage Description="true" RequestType="A" RequestedPieces="4" CarryOnInfo="true" FreeCarryOn="true" FreePieceRequired="true"/>