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Form of Payments

4.1 Introduction

Any new lodging reservation requires a form of payment to be specified. The availability of a particular form of payment for a used source (GDS, Aggregator) is returned in the Hotel Price Check API's response (hotel pricing is out of scope of this document). If a form of payment is added that is not accepted by the supplier, the lodging product returns an error. Refer to the Error Messages section for more information.

Below is a list of payment forms supported by the lodging functionality:

Form Of Payment OTA Code Guarantee Deposit
Credit card 5 Y Y
Agency Address 18 Y Y
IATA Number 19 Y N
Company 29 Y N
Corporate ID 30 Y Y
Virtual Form Of Payment 43 Y Y

To add lodging products, add the proper form of payment associated with the segment in the same request using the FormOfPaymentReference newRef attribute:

FormOfPaymentReference newRef=" 1 ".

The newRef attribute refers to a particular form Of payment id added in the same request:

<OpenReservationElementUpdate id="1" op="C">
    <OpenReservationElement id="1" type="FP">

Depending on the form of payment, certain elements within the request can shift from mandatory to optional. Examples for each type are described later in this guide. Required elements for each case are marked with mandatory.

If no Guarantee or Deposit is populated, an error message displays:


Below is an example of UpdateReservationRQ with newRef elements:

<UpdateReservationRQ xmlns="" Version="1.19.0">
    <ReturnOptions RetrievePNR="true" IncludeUpdateDetails="true"/>
        <ReservationUpdateItem UpdateId="ID_3">
            <ProductUpdate op="C">
                    <or:ProductDetails xmlns:or="">
                        <or:ProductName type="HHL">Lodging</or:ProductName>
                                <or:BookingInfo Email="" RequestorID="SG000000">
                                <or:Room RoomIndex="1">
                                        <or:Guest Email="" FirstName="Orville" Index="1" LastName="Wrigth" LeadGuest="true" Type="10">
                                            <or:Contact Phone="817-555-1212"/>
                            <or:PaymentInformation Type="GUARANTEE">
                                <or:FormOfPaymentReference newRef="13"/>
                                <or:Source AgencyName="SABRE" ISOCountryCode="US" PseudoCityCode="TM61">
                                    <or:RequestorID Id="99999" IdContext="IATA" Type="5"/>
                                        <or:AddressLine1>3150 SABRE DRIVE</or:AddressLine1>
                                        <or:CountryName Code="US"/>

            <OpenReservationElementUpdate id="13" op="C">
                <OpenReservationElement id="13" type="FP">
                    <or:FormOfPayment xmlns:or="">


The form of payment used as the lodging form of payment is not added as a form of payment to the PNR.