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Flows for Communicating with Sabre Web Services

The flows in this topic describe how Red Apps can communicate with Sabre Web Services.

Making a Single Service Call to the SWS Service

For this approach, implement all steps in Accessing Sabre Web Services below. Do not request the locking service for clients that make a single call to Web Services because the service manages locking on behalf of the client.

Making Multiple Service Calls within a Session to the SWS Service Using the Locking Service

  1. Add the dependencies in Accessing Sabre Web Services.

  2. Acquire a lock using the locking service and the lockId number.

  3. In Accessing Sabre Web Services, repeat the steps as many times as desired, with the following exception:

    Substitute the following code:

    SWSRequest request = new SWSRequest(lockId);
  4. Release the lock.