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FlightAmenities (Route Happy)

Route Happy


Element FlightAmenities
Description List of references to flight amenities (for the Route Happy feature).



Name Type Description Use
Subsegment xs:positiveInteger 1-based number of the flight "subsegment" the referred amenity applies to. "Subsegment" is a portion of flight separated by a hidden stop. This attribute is omitted for flights without hidden stops. optional
BeverageRef xs:nonNegativeInteger   optional
EntertainmentRef xs:nonNegativeInteger   optional
FoodRef xs:nonNegativeInteger   optional
LayoutRef xs:nonNegativeInteger   optional
PowerRef xs:nonNegativeInteger   optional
SeatRef xs:nonNegativeInteger   optional
WifiRef xs:nonNegativeInteger   optional


Sample SOAP Value


    <Beverage Id="1" AlcoholicCost="free" NonAlcoholicCost="free" Exists="true"/>
    <Entertainment Id="1" Exists="false" Type="none"/>
    <Food Id="1" Cost="free" Exists="true" Type="snack"/>
    <Layout Id="1" RowLayout="3-3" DirectAisleAccess="false"/>
    <Layout Id="2" RowLayout="2-2" DirectAisleAccess="false"/>
    <Power Id="1" Type="none"/>
    <Power Id="2" Cost="free" Distribution="all" Type="usb"/>
    <Seat Id="1" Pitch="30" Type="standard legroom"/>
    <Seat Id="2" Pitch="31" Type="standard legroom"/>
    <Wifi Id="1" Exists="false" Type="none"/>


                  <SeatsRemaining Number="9" BelowMin="false"/>
                  <Cabin Cabin="Y"/>
                  <FlightAmenities BeverageRef="1" EntertainmentRef="1" FoodRef="1" LayoutRef="2" PowerRef="1" SeatRef="2" WifiRef="1"/>
                  <Meal Code="S"/>