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Flight Advisory and Marketing Messages (FAMs)

This feature allows airlines to set up advisory or marketing messages and publish them to passengers. Airlines control which passengers see messages by associating each message with one or more business rules, which specify the criteria such as: booking dates, travel dates, point of departure.. Above rules determine when the message is published.

Each type of flight advisory messages uses shared engine, which is responsible for evaluating rules.

If rule expression returns true and technical switch for FAM is enabled, engine will return message which will be displayed in a DC responses.

This functionality applies to the following flows:

  • The Revenue (B2C) Flow
  • Manage Your Booking – Change Itinerary (MYB:CI) Flow
  • The Redemption (RBE) Flow

Flight advisory messages are returned as “advisories” (please refer to API documentation) object in following services:

  • /products/air/search
  • /products/air/search/latest
  • /products
  • /products/cart
  • /purchase
  • /pnr/exchange/products/air/search
  • /pnr/exchange/products
  • /pnr/exchange/purchase


The Airline must configure Flight Advisory Messaging and Rules.