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Flat Fee Upgrade

The Flat Fee Upgrade Flow (FFU) gives end user an option to upgrade their existing booking to a higher cabin class for a flat fee or fixed amount of points. The flat fee amount is in most cases cheaper than the actual upgrade amount and usually more restrictive as the airline can decide to enforce the fare rules of the original fare rather than the fare rules associated with the higher cabin. FFU feature allows end users to purchase an upgrade if seats are available in a dedicated booking class. This flow allows airlines to maximize revenue by selling available seats in higher cabins. Flat Fee Upgrade flow can be either configured as cash or points [fixed points or points calculated applying conversion ratio] the airline will configure the acceptable form of payment, the end user does not have the option to decide how to pay for their upgrade.

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  • Flat Fee Upgrade flow (FFU) is not activated by default. To activate, please contact helpdesk or delivery. 
  • Airline must enable either Flat Fee Upgrade (FFU) or Frequent Flyer Upgrade (FQTU), both cannot be enabled. 
  • Airline must configure allowable Forms of payments – cash or points. 
  • Airline must file fixed points and or conversion ratio in the ACD file for FFU upgrade ancillaries 
  • Airline needs to file upgrade ancillary fee per segment as OC/AE in ATPCO/Merchandising Manager. 
  • Airline needs to map the booking classes for the relevant upgrade booking class. 
  • Airline can enable various rules when upgrades are to be offered, e.g. time before departure, ticket stock, booking class, etc. 


  • Flat Fee Upgrade flow can be either configured as cash or points, so Passengers during purchase do not have an option to decide how they want to pay for the upgrade, the Airline defines the form of payment. 
  • Flat Fee Upgrade flow is supported only on own carrier – it is not supported for codeshare or interline carriers. 
  • All Passengers on the PNR must be upgraded as Digital Connect does not support split PNR functionality. 
  • Airline must file ancillary per segment, not per itinerary part. 
  • Only EMD-A (associated) can be issued for the upgrade. 
  • Only “free-zero value” seats are supported in the new upgraded cabin. 
  • FFU does not support discounts and airlines should not file discounts for Upgrade offerings/ancillaries in Dynamic Retailer.