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Features and Benefits of Bargain Finder Max

Bargain Finder Max has many features and benefits, some of which are as follows:

  • Breadth of Options – In a single request, you can request 50, 100, or 200 low-fare options for all simple trips and 50 low-fare options for all multi-destination trips worldwide.
  • Customized Shopping – You can customize your shopping requests by using qualifiers to promote flights based on different options including carrier’s preferences, schedules, and flight durations.
  • Multiple Passenger Types – You can search for the lowest available priced itineraries and compare the prices for multiple passenger types in a single entry.
  • Alternate Airport/City Shopping – You can process low-fare options using either a mileage radius within 100 miles or by specifying the alternate city.
  • Calendar Shopping – You can search alternate dates plus or minus one, three, or seven days from your original travel dates for North American points of sale and itineraries.
  • Shop for Additional Non-Stops – More additional non-stops for the traveler preferring convenience over price.
  • Shop by Alliance – Search for all carriers associated with a specific airline alliance.
  • Baggage Allowance (response) – Baggage allowance information includes the number of bags (pieces) allowed (from 0 to 99) and weight limitations.
  • Long Connections – You can search for options with long connections. Itineraries with long connections are proven to find lower fares.
  • Exclude Overnight Connections – You can exclude overnight connections by specifying the time frame during which the traveler does not want to be at the airport.
  • Override Minimum/Maximum Connection Time – You can control connection time for travelers who like extra connection time between flights.
  • Total Travel Time – You can filter schedules by total travel times. This helps the customer understand the travel time from origin to destination.
  • Exclude Via Country – You can exclude all via airports in a given country to eliminate unwanted options.
  • Multi-Ticket – You can specify multi-ticket options, which may find lower fares with two one-way tickets.
  • Change Fee and Refundability – You can specify whether the fare is refundable or changeable, with or without penalty.
  • Keep Same Cabin – Supports multiple use cases, including the use case whereby a travel policy supports travel only in the cabin requested.
  • Diversity Options – You can specify diversity options, including price weight, travel time, carrier diversity, operating duplicate, inbound/outbound pairing, time-of-day distribution, and non-stop flights.
  • Enhanced Alternate Date and Alternate Airport – You can add supplemental cache options or request a combination (hybrid) of both live and cache options.
  • Include/Exclude Validating Carrier – You can specify whether to include or exclude options for a specific carrier.
  • Merchandising – You can specify multiple fares per itinerary, Air Extras (optional services), and branded fares.
  • Increase customer confidence – Expands the depth and breadth of low-fare options to enable online agencies to satisfy shoppers’ demands for choice.
  • Increase productivity and profitability – Display an expanded number of low fares and flights in one entry to reduce multiple shopping transactions and decrease time spent searching for low fares. Promote flights that maximize revenue.
  • Enhance customer satisfaction – Satisfy shoppers’ demands for choice by offering more options that meet specified travel criteria including service, number of connections, and flight duration.