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Fare Retailer with Premium Rules

This application is built simply for ease of use. Your Agency Administration team creates your business rules to mark-up and redistribute your Category 35 Net fares. You can create a higher redistributed net rate to send to another pseudo city code (PCC), inhibit ticketing of these redistributed net fares, and hide the Net fare level if required. These are your basic rules. With Agency Retailer, you can build another set of business rules to adjust the selling level of any fare to increase the revenue for your agency. The system protects the original fare to report to the airlines via Billing and Settlement Plan (BSP) or Airlines Reporting Corporation (ARC). You can also create net responsive Category 25 (Fare by Rule) business rules that automatically read the Category 25 calculation to create a selling level just below the original base fare.

These business rules apply consistently across fare quote, pricing, shopping, ticketing, and all applicable APIs.

EPR keywords and new qualifiers control who sees the net fare data points.

Fare Focus

A powerful agency tool that allows you to sell your most valuable fare content by creating business rules which apply consistently across pricing, shopping, ticketing, fare quote and associated SabreĀ® APIs.


Business rules can be distributed via a linked PCC group (up to 3,000 PCCs) or manually to a single PCC for testing. To ensure that these are only processed between two approved PCCs, the system uses a Security handshake, which is a new Sabre format to accept fares or business rules from the source PCC.


Monthly activity reports show the rule count and the number of PCCs that have the security handshake on or off. View the potential millions of fare details of your Category 35 Net fares via the Net Fare Panorama.