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Grouped Itinerary Response:


Complex Type FareType
Used by
element PricingInformationType/Fare


Children Sequence

Name Type Description Min Occurs Max Occurs
AncillaryFeeGroup AncillaryFeeGroupType Ancillary service fee group list. 0 1
TotalFare TotalFareType Itinerary total fare. 0 1
ValidatingCarrier ValidatingCarrierIDType   0 unbounded

Children Choice

Name Type Min Occurs Max Occurs
PassengerInfo PassengerInformationType 1 1
PassengerNotAvailableInfo PassengerNotAvailableInfoType 1 1


Name Type Use Default Description
OfferItemId xs:string optional    NDC Offer Item Id.
Reissue  xs:boolean  optional  Reissue indicator.
ReissueText xs:string optional   Reissue text.
DivideByParty  xs:boolean  optional  0 Divide party T/F indicates whether different passenger types are booked in different inventories.
ValidatingCarrierCode  AirlineCarrierCode  optional    Validating carrier.
SimultaneousReservation  xs:boolean  optional  0 Simultaneous reservation flag indicates whether the fare requires simultaneous reservations/ticketing.
VITA  xs:string  optional  X Validate Interline Ticketing Agreement (VITA) - indicates whether the itinerary has a VITA indicator.
ETicketable  xs:boolean  optional 0 Is eTicketable.
SpanishFamilyDiscount  derived by: xs:string     

Spanish Discount indicator. Valid values are:

  • A – Spanish Large Family discount only.
  • B –Spanish Large Family discount + Spanish Islander discount.
    • C – Spanish Islander discount only.
LastTicketDate xs:date optional   Last date to ticket.
GoverningCarriers CarrierListType optional   List of governing carriers.
ServiceId xs:string optional   NDC Service Id.