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Grouped Itinerary Response:

Agency Retailer:

Note  Agency Retailer applies to limited release customers only.


Complex type FareComponentType
Used by
element GroupedItineraryResponse/FareComponentDesc


Children Sequence

Name Type Description Min Occurs Max Occurs
Brand BrandType Brand type. 0 1
HigherIntermediatePoint HigherIntermediatePointType Higher Intermediate Point differential information. 0 unbounded
PlusUp PlusUpInformationType Plus Up information. 0 unbounded
HandlingMarkupDetail HandlingMarkupDetailType Handling markup detail. 0 unbounded

Children Choice

Name Type Description Min Occurs Max Occurs
Segment FareSegmentType Fare segment information. 1 1
Surface SurfaceType Surface segment (Arunk). 1 1


Name Type Use Default Description
ID  xs:nonNegativeInteger  required    Fare component ID.
GoverningCarrier  AirlineCarrierCode required    Governing carrier code.
FareAmount  xs:decimal  required    Fare amount.
FareCurrency CurrencyCode  required    Fare component currency code.
FareBasisCode  xs:string  required    Fare basis code.
FarePassengerType  derived by: xs:string  required    Fare passenger type.
TicketDesignator  derived by: xs:string  optional    Ticket designator - discount code.
PublishedFareAmount xs:decimal  optional    Published fare amount.
MileageSurcharge  xs:nonNegativeInteger  optional    Mileage surcharge percentage.
Mileage  xs:boolean  optional  0 Is Mileage Routing.
CorporateIdMatched  xs:boolean  optional  Fare Match CorpID.
OneWayFare xs:boolean  optional  0 One way fare.
WebBasedFare  xs:boolean  optional  0 Web based fare.
NegotiatedFare  xs:boolean optional  0 Negotiated
PrivateFare  xs:boolean  optional  0 Private fare.
MatchedAccountCode  derived by: xs:string  optional    Matched Account Code.
Directionality  derived by: xs:string  optional   Fare Calc directionality.
MilesAmount xs:nonNegativeInteger      Number of miles (AWARD shopping).
Direction  GlobalDirection  optional    Global Direction indicator.
NotValidBefore  xs:date  optional    Not valid before date.
NotValidAfter  xs:date  optional    Not valid after date.
ApplicablePricingCategories  derived by: xs:string      Applicable pricing categories.
FareComponentReferenceID xs:unsignedShort optional   Fare component number.
GeneralRetailerRuleCode   optional   Matched general retailer rule qualifier code.
AslRetailerRuleCode   optional   Matched adjusted selling level Retailer Rule qualifier code.
VendorCode xs:string optional   Used to specify fare source.
FareTypeBitmap   optional   FareTypeBitmap represents sum of following possible values: 0x00 - Normal 0x01 - Discounted 0x02 - Fare by Rule 0x04 - Negotiated 0x08, Private, for example, 0x06 = Fare by Rule + Negotiated
FareType xs:string optional   Fare type (example, RU, FIT).
FareRule xs:string optional   FareRule, part of the fare pricing (such as, 62DD, K0ST), expected if carrier uses them also in ancillary records.
DisplayCategoryType   optional   Fare display category type code.