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Fare Rules


The /products/air/farerules service returns the fare rules for the current itinerary. A separate instance of fare rules will be returned for each segment (each origin and destination pair) in the current itinerary. (The current itinerary consists of any flight selections the passenger has made and is currently held in the session.) The Airline can use this information to format a display of fare rules for the passengers.


The /products/air/farerules/mini service fetches Mini Fare Rules (a simplified version of the fare rules showing only cancel fees before and after departure) of selected flight either inbound or outbound by calling structured farerules web-service. This feature introduces new capabilities on the Select Flight page where airlines can request Mini Fare Rules. It will increase the level of disclosure for fare rules (change and cancel fees).

The passenger selects a flight from available flights and the airline can trigger sending a request to obtain Mini Fare Rules. The information obtained can be formatted and displayed to the passenger.

Fare Rules - Support in the Post-booking Flows

Digital Connect gives an option to display fare rules in the post-booking flows:

  • There is an option to retrieve fare rules as a part of the PNR retrieval (optional parameter fareRulesRequired in the /pnr GET request to indicate if fare rules should be included in the response). Note: PNR retrieval will return only actual fare rules.
  • There is an option to retrieve fare rules in post-booking flows for flights stored in the current session. The user selects a flight from the display of available flights and the airline sends a request to obtain fare rules.

This functionality applies to the following flows:

  • The Revenue Flow (B2C)
  • The Revenue: Book Now Pay Later Flow (B2C: BNPL)
  • The Manage Your Booking: Book Now Pay Later Flow (MYB: BNPL)
  • The Manage Your Booking: Upgrade Flow (MYB: FFU)
  • The Manage Your Booking: Modify Trip Options Flow (MYB: MTO)
  • The Manage Your Booking: Change Itinerary Flow (MYB: CI)