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Exchange Shopping


The Exchange Shopping web service (ExchangeShoppingRQ) allows Sabre Travel Network subscribers to shop for alternate itinerary options when a passenger needs to change their ticketed itinerary.

The Exchange Shopping web service:

  • Identifies fares in the ticket to be exchanged and returns up to 50 available itinerary options that are compliant with the carrier’s change policy filed in the Voluntary Changes (Category 31) rules for all ticketed fares.
  • Includes information on the cost to change the ticket for each itinerary option for each passenger in the request
  • Includes information on the residual amount of any associated EMD-A issued with the ticket presented for exchange
  • Includes a list of all available ancillaries for each new itinerary option
  • Does not modify the PNR or process the ticket exchange

This guide includes:

  • Description of the web service features, and additionally
  • Examples of typical exchange scenarios
  • Examples of calls to the Exchange Shopping service
  • Common error messages that may be returned by Exchange Shopping along with a brief explanation and some suggested troubleshooting

The XML examples provided reflect the most common scenarios and is not intended to be a comprehensive list of the available options. Some examples have been shortened for illustrations purposes.  


Exchange Shopping includes the following features:

  • Shop alternate board points, off points and/or travel dates of a ticketed itinerary
  • Returns up to 50 itinerary options
  • Does not require a previous change to the PNR to search for itinerary options
  • Does not require an active PNR to search for itinerary options

Exchange Shopping supports the following optional qualifiers:

  • Search for preferred airline
  • Exclude an airline
  • Specify maximum number of connections
  • Specify maximum number of stops
  • Specify online carrier service only
  • Specify interline carrier service
  • Search by date and time
  • Specify specific connection cities/airports
  • Use same connecting points
  • Shop by cabin class
  • Shop by corporate ID or Account Code
  • Shop by Passenger Type Code (PTC)
  • Only fares with no penalty
  • Consider public/private fares only
  • Exempt all Taxes
  • Exempt all Taxes and Fees
  • Exempt specific Taxes
  • Override Taxes
  • Shop fares with no Min/Max stay
  • Shop fares with no Advance Purchase