Event Notification Services

Stay up-to-date on changes to PNRs, Queues, and Profiles.

What's in it for you?

  • Reduces your costs with efficient message to data processing transaction costs
  • Helps you build a more effective customer experience by being able to notify your users when a change has occurred
  • Allows you flexible management of notifications by specifying the frequency and number of notifications you receive

With Event Notification Services, Travel Network API customers can subscribe to receive XML messages providing notifications about changes to reservations (Passenger Name Records, or PNRs), Queues, and Profiles as they occur — in real time. Event Notification Services enable your applications to operate more efficiently, saving you time and money. And it helps you improve customer satisfaction by being able to alert your customers when a change has been made to their PNR.

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If you are a Sabre customer currently using Sabre APIs in production, access Resources.

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