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Event Listening for Sabre Profiles Event

Sabre Profiles are producing an event called SP_COPY_TO_PNR each time when SP is copying data from profile to PNR or when it is performing blind move (copying data from profile to PNR directly from emulator). The event is sent with state POST so the listener should be configured accordingly.

Definition of EventListener

public class SPCopyToPnrListener implements IEventListener {   @Override   public void handleEvent(IEvent event)   {     // reaction on SP_COPY_TO_PNR event - the event object does not transmit     // any specific data, it just indicates event name   } }

redapp.xml file configuration

<cfbundle> ... <eventlistener event_filter="SP_COPY_TO_PNR" handler_class="com.sabre.redapp.example.event.SPCopyToPnrListener" desc="" state="POST" /> </cfbundle>