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The Get eTicket Details (eTicketCouponLLSRQ) service is used to display eTicket coupon data for a specified ticket number.
Please note that the eTicket coupon-related data is pulled from Sabre's own internal ticketing database so there is a slight chance that the coupon status could be different from the coupon status in the carrier's own eTicket database.

Common errors


  • The ticket has been issued from PCC XXX and It can be viewed only from this PCC.
  • Please remove the conjunctive ticket number in your request and you should be able to get a good response.
  • Carrier does not seem to have the image of this ticket available.


Which are the possible ticket coupon statuses and their definitions?


OPEN - Unused

USED - Lifted/boarded

VOID - Transaction voided

PRTD - Flight coupons printed

EXCH - Exchanged/reissued

RFND - Refunded

CKIN - Checked in

CTRL - Under airport control

ACTL - Under airport control

SUSP - Suspended by carrier

OK - Okay for travel

REAC - Reactivated (This occurs when you void an exchange; it functions the same way as OPEN)


Is there any reason the name field is not showing the full name? The given name and surname when an issued ticket has a maximum of 29 characters but the PNR allows over 29 characters.


Why I am receiving the ticket coupon status UNMT? If the coupon status code cannot be obtained from the carrier’s database, a coupon status of "UNKN" is returned, or if there is a mismatch, a coupon status code of "UNMT" is returned.

The service uses information from both ticket images. Sabre and the airlines.

If there is a difference between both images it will return unmatched or unknown.

This could happen if the carrier does a schedule change and re-validates the ticket image in their system. 

When this happens the WETR will show the updated information, but since the change was not done in sabre the WTDB will not be updated.

Keep in mind that Sabre's database image (WTDB) can only be modified by re-validation, exchange, void or refund transactions so once the carrier changes the WETR the WTDB cannot be manually changed.

Which ticket image does the service display?

WETR*Txxxxxxxxxx is pulling from the carrier database
WTDB*Txxxxxxxxxx is pulling from our internal database

However, eTicketCouponRQ is actually WETR*DSxxxxxxxx which is different from the above two commands which can not be used in HOST. WETR*DS is pulling mainly from our internal database while supplementing additional information from the carrier database.


You can think of the service as a "combined" version of both of the ticket if the information on it matched.

Why the TotalFareAmount has the value BT? While using the JCB as the passenger type, it hides the base fare and the total fare of the ticket. Therefore, it will not be printed on the ticket and once we display the ticket, the base and the total fare will not be shown.

How to retrieve MCO information? MCOs are issued as paper tickets, not electronic documents, they are just a voucher for an amount. Only the MCO's number and the corresponding accounting line are stored in the PNR, there is no other information about it that can be displayed.


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