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Error Messages

This topic includes typical processing error details. The list does not exhaust the full range of possible conditions.

Expected Rule Not Processing

Following are two possible causes for this issue:

  • Values (such as PCC) specified in the request or request type do not match the target values specified in the rule. One or more expected values may be missing as well.
  • There is a conflict between rules—more than one rule was defined that matches to this request; the system allows for only one rule match.

Error Messages and Conditions

Error Message



The settlement method value is invalid.


The settlement method value is invalid for the point of sale.

JR qualifiers validation error: Maximum total number of Account Codes / Corporate IDs exceeded

The default internal configuration limitation is 25 corporate IDs or account codes combined in a single request.

LengthOfStay must not be used in first leg

LengthOfStay is allowed only in the second or subsequent "OriginDestinationInformation."

Minimum per date options is greater than maximum per date options

The minimum number of options to be returned (per date pair) is greater than the maximum requested options per date pair.

More than 2 legs are not allowed

The request contains more than two OriginDestination options.

No combinable fares for class used

Flights were found as requested, but fare rules do not allow for combining them into itineraries.

No fare for class used

The itineraries resulting from the search cannot be priced according to available fares.

No flight schedules for qualifiers used

This message means that no flights could be found for the parameters requested by user, such as travel date or carriers.

No options requested

The maximum number of requested options for each pair date=”0.”

Number of requested dates is greater than allowed

The number of requested dates or date pairs exceeds the number of options allowed in the rule setup.

Per-date limits requested incorrectly, min>max (min=# max=#)

The value for NumTrips/@PerDateMin is greater than the value for NumTrips/@PerDateMax.


Error in processing.

Sum of minimum number of options is greater than total number of requested options

The minimum number of combinations from the request is greater than the total number of requested options (per request or per rule).

Wrong number of alternate dates requested

The requested +/- number of options is greater than what are allowed by the rule setup.

Sample Error