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Error Codes


This chapter contains the list of most common error codes and descriptions.

Fault Errors

Message OTA Code
General PNR error 700001
Invalid PNR locator 700002
Invalid request 700003
Invalid request format 700004
Invalid request view 700005
No PNR was found with the specified record locator 700101
Viewership is restricted for the PNR 700102
No data for the PNR in DB 700103
Error parsing PNR 700104
PNR Connector unknown 700201
PNR Connector communication error 700202
PNR Connector communication timeout error 700203
JAXB marshalling error 700204
JAXB unmarshalling error 700205
Unexpected request type 700206
MOM messaging error 700207
PNRC service invocation error 700208
Error response from PNRC reaccomodation search service 700209
Unknown response format 700210
OTA parsing error 700211
Cannot unpack request from request root element 700212
Cannot pack response to response root element 700213
Error response from PNRC reaccomodation retrieve service 700214
TPFDF parsing exception 700215
No ATH 700216
Invalid ICE Session 700217
Broken ICE Session 700218
FIT parsing exception 700219
Invalid ICE credentials 700220
Access restricted to flight data 700221
Cannot search past flight data 700222
Access restricted to PNR data 700223
Flight not found 700224
Invalid search options 700225
PNR not found 700226
TVL version not supported 700227
PNR unknown error 700301
PNR communication error 700302
PNR communication timeout error 700303
Unable to read terminal 700404
Unable to Find AAA 700405
Agent not signed in 700406
PNR Locator error 700407
No PNR in AAA 700408
PNR Retrieval error 700409
PSS invalid request 700410
The PNR in the AAA has been modified 700411
Agent is active on a PNR queue 700412
Unable to process in PSS 700414
Parsing error 700415
Access restricted to flight data 700418
Access restricted to PNR data 700419
PSS Communication error 700420
PSS Communication timeout 700421
Access restricted to PNR data 700422
PNR Restricted 700423
PNR Not Found 700424
PNRC Timeout Error code 700425
PNR Database unavailable 700426
Link Down Error code 700427
Max message size exceeded 700428
System not in NORM state Error code 700429
Unable to Process error code 700430
Invalid subject area 700431
Reservation Orchestration Error 700432