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Enhanced End Transaction - SOAP

Enhanced End Transaction is capable of orchestrating end transaction calls (EndTransactionLLSRQ) that are used to commit changes to the passenger name record (PNR). The main purpose of Enhanced End Traction is to recover from known end transaction errors/warnings to simplify business flows.

Features of the Enhanced End Transaction service include:

  • Recover from errors that can be overridden by an additional low-level calls
  • Recover from the common end-transaction error: "DIRECT CONNECT MESSAGES RECEIVED - ENTER *A OR *IM"
  • Validate whether the record locator is present in the service response.
  • Send requests to specific versions of EndTransactionLLSRQ.

Enhanced End Transaction shares many capabilities with the low-level API, EndTransactionLLSRQ. This API supports all the functionalities of its low-level API counterpart, and shares its request/response schema design. Since multiple versions of the low-level API exist, Enhanced End Transaction allows users to specifiy which version of the low-level API should be called by the orchestrator. This is controlled with the following attribute:


Another functionality native to Enhanced End Transaction is the capability to validate whether the locator of the ended record is present within the service response. The /EndTransactionRS/ItineraryRef/@ID attribute is required by many other APIs as a key to reservation retrieval.

If you set @shouldCheckRefId="true", the orchestrator will validate whether the locator is present in the low-level service response. If not, the system will retry by means of sending another end transaction request. If the locator is still not present, a business error message will be returned:

"Could not find the PNR locator in the End Transaction response."

Error Handling

The below table illustrates error handling for Enhanced End Transaction:

Location Scenario Error Message
Schema RQ Customer request schema validation has failed, customer provided an invalid input SOAP Fault in response with schema validation details
EndTransactionLLSRQ Retry attempt failed EndTransactionRS with Provider error:
Unable to recover from EndTransactionLLSRQ error. Please see below messages for details
EndTransactionLLSRQ No record locator present in the service response EndTransactionRS with Business error:
Could not find the PNR locator in the End Transaction response
Code validation for /EnhancedEndTransacti onRQ/@llsVersion Wrong service version provided EndTransactionRS with Validation error:
The value of EnhancedEndTransactionRQ/@llsVersion must follow the pattern \"2.0.n\", where \"n\" is the minor version number of the EndTransactionLLSRQ service. Maximum minor version is 9
EndTransactionLLSRQ Successfully recovered from error: “DIRECT CONNECT MESSAGES RECEIVED - ENTER A OR IM” (Orchestrator sent the *IM message automatically) EndTransactionRS with a business warning:
Required request to display itinerary messages