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Enhanced Vehicle Book User Guide

General Overview

The Enhanced Vehicle Book (EnhancedVehBookRQ) API facilitates the booking of vehicle content by utilizing either a Vehicle Booking Key or by passing full rate details (the "longsell" method).

Features include:

  • Booking a vehicle by means of a Vehicle Booking Key that uniquely identifies the vehicle type, vehicle rate, pick-up/return times, loyalty programs, and car extras
  • Booking a vehicle by means of passing full rate details, including all the necessary information for the reservation to be completed (referred to as the "longsell" booking method)
  • Identifying failures during the orchestrated process and properly notifying users
  • Returning only newly booked vehicle information in the service response

Technical Overview

To ensure the successful execution of this API, the following data elements must be present in the Sabre session (“AAA”) prior to calling Enhanced Vehicle Book (EnhancedVehBookRQ):

  • Traveler's name
  • Travel agency's address

You can achieve this by adding these data elements via Passenger Details (PassengerDetailsRQ) prior to the call to Enhanced Vehicle Book (EnhancedVehBookRQ), or by retrieving an existing reservation via Retrieve Itinerary (GetReservationRQ).