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Enhance Configuration Support via Site Administration Tool

Site Administration Tool (SAT) Configuration Support for Points of Sale (POS)

Previous releases have provided the categorization of configurations in Site Administration Tool (the successor of STAN). The categorization together with configurations description improves efficiency and provide better support to the overall user experience of the Airline user.

Successful implementation of configurations categorization in Site Administration Tool enables Airlines to navigate categories to find required configurations and their descriptions including default values, allowed values, tags and types.

Digital Connect v4.2 improves the usability of DC/DCSE bundle in SAT by facilitating editing for non-technical users. The added schema validations decrease the possibility of manual mistake input.


  • Airlines must have access to Site Administration Tool (SAT), which replaces STAN.
  • Digital Connect 4.2 is certified to work with Site Administration Tool 4.1 (or higher) PROD instance being in the place.
  • The feature is active by default for Airlines which have DC-SAT integration turned on using Digital Connect 4.1.
  • To activate this functionality, an Airline needs to switch a given storefront from database source of configuration to the source in SAT (v4.1, or the following). It must be activated/configured as a part of process that requires preparing SAT bundle and DC/DCSE configuration, so that it is dependent on DC-SAT integration (part three) team feature.
  • In case there are storefronts already using SAT configuration, creation of new bundle using standard migration process to get files following new JSON file schema structure is recommended.


Currently, all service configurations are exposed to Sabre site administrators only. An Airline who is a customer of Digital Connect needs to request configuration changes using the current request process.


Digital Connect 4.2 and SAT 4.1 integration introduces the following items:

  • New JSON files structure:
    • PASSENGER.json
    • TIMEZONE.json
    • AIRLINE.json
    • LOCATIONS.json
  • Support for tags in SAT 4.1:
    • a category is cloned to tag filed when a tag is missing missed in PROPERTIES.schema.json.
    • dictionary of tags and categories has been created/is available.
  • Rollback to DB support:
    • ConfigurationDirector – export to files when DC/DCSE is on S3.
  • Clean up of not used domains:
    • CREDIT_CARD.json
    • BNPL.json
    • SURCHARGES.json