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The End Transaction (EndTransactionLLSRQ) service is used to complete and store changes made to a Passenger Name Record (PNR). This service will create the Received From ("6" formats) and "E" Sabre host system commands.

Please consider using the Enhanced End Transaction service, an orchestrated service that has improved internal logic to handle several errors that may happen when you commit the reservation. Details on the newer service can be found at

Common errors

  • INFANT DETAILS REQUIRED IN SSR - ENTER 3INFT/ - SSR with the INF passenger information is missing from the PNR. This is needed when there is an INF passenger in the PNR, and the information has to be added to it before being able to commit the transaction. Please check for more details.
  • PSGR SECURITY DATA REQUIRED PLEASE UPDATE AND RETRY INFANT - Secure Flight or APIS information in the PNR is adding infant passengers with "F" or "M" instead of "FI" or MI". Sabre Central's Finder has detailed information on how to add both Secure Flight and APIS into PNRs:
    Add Secure Flight Passenger Data - SFPD (3DOC) or (4DOC):
    Add Passport, Identity Card and Secondary Documentation for Advance Passenger Information - APIS (3DOCS) or (4DOCS):
  • VERIFY ORDER OF ITINERARY SEGMENTS - MODIFY OR END TRANSACTION - Segments must be stored in chronological order in the PNR, if they are not ordered this way then this message will be displayed when committing the transaction. Please order the segments and make sure to use ARUNK segments if needed. The Add Arrival Unknown Segment service, ARUNK_LLSRQ (, can be used for this, as it creates the "0AA" Sabre host system format.
  • SIMULTANEOUS CHANGES TO PNR - USE IR TO IGNORE AND RETRIEVE PNR - The Sabre host system is advising you to re-display the PNR since another user was working on it and save changes. This could be another user or an airline or hotel saving changes in the PNR. You should ignore and redisplay the PNR in order to be able to save changes.

Additional Resources

Sabre Central has detailed information about Sabre Central SabreĀ® host system entries used to end a PNR:

Received from:

End a PNR record (E) or (ER):