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Enabling Routehappy Amenities in Bargain Finder Max and Revalidate Itinerary APIs

Powered by the latest generation of Sabre’s Air Shopping API, Routehappy Amenities data is being distributed through Bargain Finder Max and Revalidate Itinerary APIs to its users, to clearly view and delineate what flight services are included the offer:

  • Modernizes the retailing experience delineating the offer value.
  • Enables information of flight attributes across different offers.
  • Increases booking conversion and upsell through more relevant offers.
  • New optional parameters in the request schema to request Routehappy Amenities content through BargainFinderMaxRQ and RevalidateItinRQ.
  • New elements in the response schema to allow return of additional information related to flight-related services and amenities.

This includes the following: