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Email Service

Sabre Red 360 Developer Toolkit provides a capability for editing and sending email messages with an E-mail Composer editor, which Sabre Red 360 provides.

Dependencies and classes

Below you can find a list of required dependencies   and classes.

Minimal Required Dependency





To be able to use EmailService you have to add the authorization entry to your redapp.xml file in <RedApp></RedApp> section:

<Authorization name="" threshold="[threshold]" metric="[metric]" />

The following code snippet demonstrates opening an E-mail Composer editor with pre-populated fields basing on a message object.

Message message = new Message();
message.setTo(Arrays.asList(new String[]{""}));
message.setSubject("Sample subject");
message.setBody("<ul><li>item 1</li><li>item 2</li><li><strong>item 3</strong></li></ul><p><span style=\"color: #ff0000\"><span style=\"font-family: comic sans ms,cursive\"><span style=\"font-size: 14px\">Sample text</span></span></span></p>");

ISRWCommunication communication = Activator.getDefault().getServiceReference(ISRWCommunication.class);
EmailServiceClient emailService = new EmailServiceClient(communication);

The E-mail Composer editor displays this e-mail as follows:



  • If the field from is empty or null, its value is retrieved from Agent’s Preferences.

  • Fields from, to and subject are obligatory, and a user will be forced to complete them before sending an email (see the screen below).


Additional Resources for Email Service

The Sabre Red 360 Developer Toolkit includes the sample plug-in.