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Email Service

Sabre Red 360 Software Development Kit provides a capability for editing and sending email messages with an E-mail Composer editor, which Sabre Red 360 provides.

Dependencies and classes

Below you can find a list of required dependencies   and classes.

Minimal Required Dependency





To be able to use EmailService you have to add the authorization entry to your redapp.xml file in <RedApp></RedApp> section:

<Authorization name="" threshold="[threshold]" metric="[metric]" />

The following code snippet demonstrates opening an E-mail Composer editor with pre-populated fields basing on a message object.

Message message = new Message();
message.setTo(Arrays.asList(new String[]{""}));
message.setSubject("Sample subject");
message.setBody("<ul><li>item 1</li><li>item 2</li><li><strong>item 3</strong></li></ul><p><span style=\"color: #ff0000\"><span style=\"font-family: comic sans ms,cursive\"><span style=\"font-size: 14px\">Sample text</span></span></span></p>");

ISRWCommunication communication = Activator.getDefault().getServiceReference(ISRWCommunication.class);
EmailServiceClient emailService = new EmailServiceClient(communication);

The E-mail Composer editor displays this e-mail as follows:



  • If the field from is empty or null, its value is retrieved from Agent’s Preferences.

  • Fields from, to and subject are obligatory, and a user will be forced to complete them before sending an email (see the screen below).


Additional Resources for Email Service

The Sabre Red 360 Software Development Kit includes the sample plug-in.