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Elements / Indicators / Attributes

ClosedHow do I use MarriageGrp (Married Connection indicators) in a sell request?

The system uses the married connection indicators to identify how to properly sell segments. For details, see the OTA_AirBookLLSRQ Web Services documentation.


ClosedWhat is the significance of pricing source, for example JRI4?

Air uses this information for debugging purposes.


ClosedWhat is the ResBookDesignCode attribute in the FlightSegment element?

ResBookDesignCode is the required booking code for the fare. For more information, see FlightSegment.


ClosedWhat is the FareReference attribute in the FareInfo element?

FareReference is the required booking code for the fare (the same as ResBookDesignCode). For more information, see FareInfo.


ClosedWhat is the DivideInParty indicator?

On multiple passenger requests, if passenger types require different booking codes for the lowest fare, they must be booked in different Passenger Name Records (PNRs). For example, if the ADT passenger type must be booked in Q and the CHD passenger type must be booked in V, they cannot be booked in the same PNR. This requires two separate PNRs, otherwise known as Divide in Party.


ClosedWhat is the significance of the following indicators in the request: Retain Fare, Min / Max Stay, Refund / Penalty, and ResTicketing?

These indicators are present in PriceRequestInformation -> TPA_Extensions -> in the request.

Min/Max Stay, Refund/Penalty, and ResTicketing indicators are related to fares and not applicable for Bargain Finder Max. If the desired results are fares without those types of restrictions, send T (True). If the desired results are fares with restrictions, send F (False) or leave blank. The default is F.


ClosedWhy is the RuleInfo element (present at FareInfos -> FareInfo -> RuleInfo in the response) always returned with no data?

The RuleInfo element will always be returned without data. Bargain Finder Max does not return fare rule data and a separate call must be made outside of Bargain Finder Max to obtain fare rules.