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Dynamic Currency Conversion

This feature is to check for DCC (Dynamic Currency Conversion) offers when the currency of the booking is different than the currency of the credit card. When eligible cards are been input by the user, an request to DC(Digital Connect) is sent for the dynamic currency conversion offers and retrieves possible DCC offers. If DCC offers are available user has option to make purchase in the currency of booking or credit card.

Dynamic Currency Conversion (DCC) or Cardholder Preferred Currency (CPC) is a financial service in which holders of credit cards have the cost of a transaction converted to their local currency when making a payment in a foreign currency. Currently this feature is only possible for Visa and MasterCard networks. American Express provides for multi-currency transactions for ecommerce merchants.

Dynamic Currency Conversion (DCC) is used when the currency of the booking is different than the currency on which the passenger's credit card is based. It offers additional flexibility to passengers by allowing them to choose if they want to pay for the booking using the currency of their credit card or the currency of the booking. Digital Connect dynamically calculates the amount that the passenger must pay for the itinerary.

This functionality works in the Revenue Booking Flow (B2C).


  • Dynamic Currency Conversion can only be used for the EMD(s). Dynamic Currency Conversion cannot be used for MSR (Miscellaneous Sales Receipt).
  • Visa and MasterCard are the only forms of payment supported for the Dynamic Currency Conversion. This is because of the Payment Web Service (PWS) limitations.
  • The Airline must be the Merchant of Record for the passenger to be able to pay for ancillaries or insurance using the Dynamic Currency Conversion.
  • Dynamic Currency Conversion cannot be combined with an instalment Credit Card.
  • Bookings with ancillaries paid using the Dynamic Currency Conversion cannot be cancelled or refunded.
  • The Manage Your Booking – Modify Trip Options Flow (MYB: MTO) will not be processed when AE were paid via the Dynamic Currency Conversion. It will be blocked by rules.
  • The Manage Your Booking - Change Itinerary Flow (MYB: CI) – There will be no Dynamic Currency Conversion on Add collect.


Airlines can provide the booking process that is influenced by the Dynamic Currency Conversion with the following sequence of Digital Connect calls:

  1. The airline obtains search criteria from the passenger and submits a /products/air/search request, POST operation to get a list of flights matching the search criteria. Display The Airline formats the returned flights to the passenger.
  2. The airline calls /products/ancillaries GET to obtain the list of ancillaries available for the currently selected itinerary. The Airline formats information about available ancillaries to the passenger.
  3. When the passenger selects ancillaries the airline calls /products/ancillaries POST.
  4. The airline calls /products/seats GET to obtain seat map for the currently selected itinerary. The Airline formats seat map to the passenger.
  5. When the passenger selects seats, the airline calls POST /products/seats to add seats selected by the passenger to the itinerary.
  6. The airline can call /products GET operation to obtain a current list, with prices of products that the passenger has added to the itinerary and use this information to build and display a shopping cart.
  7. When the passenger indicates that shopping is complete the airline obtains available payment options for the current itinerary by calling /paymentOptions GET. The airline can format the information for display to the passenger.
  8. The passenger selects Credit Card (type: Visa or MasterCard) as Form of Payment and provides required FOP details.
  9. When the traveller selects Credit Card as the form of payment and the currency of the booking is different than the currency of the passenger's Credit Card, Digital Connect sends a DCC request to the Payment Web Service (getDCCOffers in Digital Connect) to verify if the Credit Card used is eligible for the Dynamic Currency Conversion and to retrieve available currency conversion offers. If there are more than one form of payment in the itinerary, Digital Connect offers Dynamic Currency Conversion for the eligible form(s) of payment.
  10. Digital Connect receives the response from the Payment Web Service (PWS):
    1. If the DCC conversion cannot be offered Digital Connect follows the regular procedure for payments.
    2. If the DCC conversion can be offered the service returns the DCC offers (e.g. the amount in the converted currency as well as the Exchange rate and the Exchange source.).
  11. When the passenger selects a Dynamic Currency Conversion offer and submits the Payment page, Digital Connect sends the Payment request to the Payment Web Service for the authorization. The request contains the UniqueBookingID and sessionID that was previously sent in the DCC request. The amount passed on to the Payment Web Service for authorization is the amount in DCC. However, if Fraud Check is enabled, the amount passed on is in the original currency of the transaction.
  12. When the passenger completes the payment and decides to purchase, the airline initiates the purchase and ticketing process by calling /purchase POST. If the authorization is successful, the /purchase service will create a PNR adding the remarks received from the Payment Web Service and the UniqueBookingID.


Error Handling Scenarios

The passenger opted for the Dynamic Currency Conversion and proceeded with payment. The payment was authorized correctly but the ticketing failed (VCR was not created).

Note: To offer a seamless booking process to the passengers, whenever Digital Connect cannot receive a response from the Payment Web Service or receives an error response and the error response is sent up to the clients.