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Refresh Session

Session Management
Travel Agency
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The Refresh Session (OTA_PingRQ) service is used to refresh a SOAP API connection by resetting the connection's timestamp, thereby preventing the connection from being closed due to inactivity.

Target Audience
Travel Agency
Airline Carrier
API Version
Session Token
Service Action Code

This service differs from SessionValidateRQ in that it returns response namespace values. 

In order to use this service, a live connection to Sabre Web Services, along with a valid binary security token, conversation ID are required. 

When a client application sends a correctly-formatted OTA_PingRQ message, the Sabre Web Services gateway does the following:

  • Resets the connection's timestamp

After establishing a connection, OTA_PingRQ can be sent at any time, and as often as needed. It has no effect on session state, business content, or travel workflows. An example of when to send this service would be whenever your connection manager detects that the timestamp of a particular connection in your connection pool is approximately 2 minutes less than the connection's time-out value. 

The request message does not have a payload, and so the response message returns an empty payload. 

Errors are returned in SOAP fault format, with or without ebXML headers.

Sample Request
<OTA_PingRQ TimeStamp="2011-02-28T15:15:00-06:00" Version="1.0.0">
    <EchoData> Are you there </EchoData>
Sample Response
<OTA_PingRS xmlns="" TimeStamp="2011-02-28T15:15:00-06:00" Version="1.0.0">
    <EchoData>Are you there</EchoData>