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Create Custom Field Codes

Travel Agency
Airline Carrier

"The Create Custom Field Codes (EPS_EXT_ProfileDataSrvRQ) is used to perform operations

on metadata like creating custom defined categories, etc."

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Target Audience
Travel Agency
Airline Carrier
API Version
Session Token
Service Action Code

Sabre Profiles contains a number of data elements and data groups (subject areas).  However, if the user needs to create additional metadata define additional data fields not available in the system, they can do so using this service.

Additional information about these elements and their functionality can be found in the Sabre Profiles Web Services technical document.

Sample Request
<Sabre_OTA_ProfileDataSrvRQ TimeStamp="2014-02-12T09:45:40.481Z" Version="0.0" Target="Production" xsi:schemaLocation=" Sabre_OTA_ProfileDataSrvRQ.xsd" xmlns="" xmlns:xsi="">
            <DictionaryIdentity ClientCode="TN" DomainID="A2FE" Name="AirlineSeatPref"/>
            <DictionaryEntry Code="H"/>
            <DictionaryEntry Code="b1" Description="b1"/>
            <DictionaryEntry Code="Er5" EffectiveDate="2014-02-12"/>
            <DictionaryEntry Code="A25" DiscontinueDate="2016-11-07"/>
            <DictionaryEntry Code="xb5T" EffectiveDate="2014-02-12" DiscontinueDate="2016-11-07"/>
            <DictionaryEntry Code="554r" Description="ÂAÂA" EffectiveDate="2014-02-12" DiscontinueDate="2016-11-07"/>
            <DictionaryEntry Code="G65/" EffectiveDate="2014-02-12" DiscontinueDate="2016-11-07"/>
            <DictionaryEntry Code="K97|" Description="AIRLINE SEAT PREF" EffectiveDate="2014-02-12" DiscontinueDate="2016-11-07"/>
Sample Response
<Sabre_OTA_ProfileDataSrvRS TimeStamp="2014-06-27T06:10:09.812Z" Version="6.17" xmlns="">