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Get Sabre Profiles Offline Search Results

Travel Agency

The Get Profile Search Results (EPS_EXT_OfflineJobReadResultRQ) is used for displaying job results which consist of the list of profile summaries for the profiles matching the search criteria.

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Target Audience
Travel Agency
API Version
Session Token
Service Action Code

Parameters: Job ID and Domain. Optionally the Page section can be specified, which controls the number of profile items returned and also the page number. The below example specifies: display 5 profiles on each page and show the page number 4. The default is display first page with 125 items on the page.

Sample Request
      <Sabre_OTA_OfflineJobReadResultRQ Target="Production" TimeStamp="2013-10-21T11:03:20.203Z" Version="6.55" xsi:schemaLocation=" \schemas\Sabre_OTA_ProfileCreateRQ.xsd" xmlns="" xmlns:xsi="">
         <Job ClientCode="TN" JobID="" DomainID="A2FE">
            <Page Number="4" ReturnCount="5"/>
Sample Response
      <Sabre_OTA_OfflineJobReadResultRS TimeStamp="2013-10-23T09:10:14.985Z" Version="6.55" xmlns="">
         <JobResult NumReturned="5" HaveMore="Y" PageNumber="4" TotalCount="500" JobStatus="SUCCESS">
                  <Profile UniqueID="16" ProfileTypeCode="TVL" DomainID="A2FE" ProfileName="ProfName16"/>
                  <Profile UniqueID="17" ProfileTypeCode="TVL" DomainID="A2FE" ProfileName="ProfName17"/>
                  <Profile UniqueID="18" ProfileTypeCode="TVL" DomainID="A2FE" ProfileName="ProfName18"/>
                  <Profile UniqueID="19" ProfileTypeCode="TVL" DomainID="A2FE" ProfileName="ProfName19"/>
                  <Profile UniqueID="20" ProfileTypeCode="TVL" DomainID="A2FE" ProfileName="ProfName20"/>