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Copy Sabre Profiles™ to Itinerary

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The Copy Profile To Itinerary (EPS_EXT_ProfileToPNRRQ) service is a Sabre Profiles™ API that is used to move profile data into the Sabre Passenger Name Record (PNR).

Target Audience
Travel Agency
API Version
Session Token
Service Action Code

This service is used in conjunction with Formats and Filters and handles the transaction to move/copy profile data into a PNR to create bookings. It allows a user to move any number of data elements from the profiles with a single transaction. As a result, the functions to copy profile information into the PNR is minimized by a single scan of the system.

  • Filters: Filters are used to store information about which data elements, associated profiles, and formats are copied into a PNR. Users are able to pre-define filters to designate which filter is used as the profile default. 
  • Formats: Formats are used to store custom-defined Sabre (TPF) entries into a PNR. In turn, this allows a user to move profile migrate/copy data from an external system into Sabre Profiles™.

Additional information about these elements and their functionality can be found in the Sabre Profiles Technical User Guide.

Sample Request
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<!--Sample XML file generated by XMLSPY v2004 rel. 3 U (>
 <Sabre_OTA_ProfileToPNRRQ Target="Production" TimeStamp="2013-04-30T08:24:42.967Z" Version="6.75.3" xsi:schemaLocation=" \schemas\Sabre_OTA_ProfileCreateRQ.xsd" xmlns="" xmlns:xsi="">
            <Profile ClientCode="TN" ClientContextCode="TMP" DomainID="A2FE" ProfileTypeCode="TVL" UniqueID="102598202" ProfileName="TestProfile_2013-04-30_08:24:42_GXE" PNRMoveOrderSeqNo="1">
               <Filter FilterID="554554" DomainID="A2FE" ClientCode="TN" ClientContextCode="TMP" FilterName="TestFilter_2013-04-30_08:24:42_gNP"/>
               <AssociatedProfiles AssocUniqueID="102598200" AssocProfileName="TestProfile_2013-04-30_08:24:39_1un" AssocProfileTypeCode="CRP" DomainID="A2FE" OrderSequenceNo="1"/>
Sample Response
<Sabre_OTA_ProfileToPNRRS xmlns=""  
TimeStamp="2013-08-06T14:04:58.076Z" Target="Production"  
      <HostCommand CommandId="cmd2" ElementId="003"  
     ProfileSeqNmbr="0" UniqueID="102598202"  
      <HostCommand CommandId="cmd1" ElementId="001"  
     ProfileSeqNmbr="0" UniqueID="102598202"  
      -SKIDMORE/LELAND JAC*INFO</HostCommand>  
      <HostCommand CommandId="cmd5" ElementId="004"  
     ProfileSeqNmbr="1" UniqueID="102598200"  
      <HostCommand CommandId="cmd3" ElementId="001"  
     ProfileSeqNmbr="1" UniqueID="102598200"  
      9LIS75-564-230-B FULL CRP TELEPHONE</HostCommand>  
      <HostCommand CommandId="cmd4" ElementId="002"  
     ProfileSeqNmbr="1" UniqueID="102598200"  
      <HostCommand CommandId="cmd8" ElementId="004"  
     ProfileSeqNmbr="2" UniqueID="102598168"  
      <HostCommand CommandId="cmd6" ElementId="001"  
     ProfileSeqNmbr="2" UniqueID="102598168"  
      9LIS75-564-230-B FULL GRP TELEPHONE</HostCommand>  
      <HostCommand CommandId="cmd7" ElementId="002"  
     ProfileSeqNmbr="2" UniqueID="102598168"