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Retrieve Itinerary

Travel Agency
Airline Carrier

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The Retrieve Itinerary (GetReservationRQ) API is used to retrieve and display a passenger name record (PNR) and data that is related to the PNR.

Warning! All versions of the Retrieve Itinerary (GetReservationRQ) API up to 1.14.0 will be decommissioned soon. The sunset timeline for this and other APIs can be located on the Retirement Schedule.

Target Audience
Travel Agency
Airline Carrier
API Version
Session or Sessionless Tokens
Service Action Code
Important! To support Sabre technology modernization efforts, we are changing the Sabre agency reservation logic and workflows for American Airlines (AA), which will result in AA and Sabre agencies no longer sharing a single reservation (PNR). Click here to view the documentation on potential impacts to existing workflows.


Once a PNR has been created in the Sabre Host system, use this API to retrieve PNR data using the PNR Locator as a search criterion, or from an AAA (user) session. The request payload can be further specified by using ReturnOptions, which determines the response message content.

There are three types of requests available:

  • Stateless: Full data is provided at creation, and the ET and Locator are provided at the end of the request
  • Stateful: Data is provided at creation, no ET and no Locator are provided at the end of the request
  • Trip: No ET is provided and no Locator is provided


For Read-Only Access, use the Trip option, as the PNR is not unpacked into the user AAA Session. The PNR Locator must always be specified in the request.

For Update Access, use the Stateful option, as this unpacks the PNR into the user AAA session and is available for any follow-up Sabre entries.


If a Locator is specified in the request, the service checks the Locator in AAA:

  • If they match, the API retrieves current data in AAA
  • If they do not match, the API unpacks the PNR into the AAA session if the current session is available and there are no outstanding updates

Request Structure

The following is a list of request parameters (RQ) that can be combined to create a request message:


Optional, only if RequestType is set to Stateful

Used to identify a particular PNR.

Important! Only one Locator may be processed per request. Requests containing multiple Locators will not be processed correctly. 


Used to define how the PNR data is retrieved. It can be set to:

  • Stateless
  • Trip
  • Stateful

Stateful requests refer to PNRs that have not been committed; therefore, the PNR Locator cannot be mandatory.

Stateless/trip requests refer to PNRs that have been committed and stored in the database. This request type requires the PNR Locator

ReturnOptions    Used to define the format and data range of the response payload.


By default, the value of the attribute is false, which displays credit card information in the response in masked format.

If true, set the EPR keyword as CCVIEW to display the credit card information in the response in unmasked format.



By default, the value of the attribute is set to the latest version of this Price Quote API.

This attribute defines the version of the external API (PriceQuoteServicesRQ) called using PRICE_QUOTE SubjectArea.

  • SubjectAreas

Specifies the particular information to be included in the response message when stored in the PNR.

  • ViewName

The PNR data present in the response payload depends on the specified ViewName used in the request.

The number of data elements returned in each View can be further narrowed using the optional values of RetrievePNR=true/false or IncludeUpdateDetails=true/false.

  • ResponseFormat

Defines how the response payload is formatted.

This value should always be STL.


  • Source
  Specifies details regarding the requesting entity. It may be repeated to accommodate the delivery system.
  BookingSource Identifies the booking source within the requesting entity.
  AgentSine Identifies the party within the requesting entity.
  PseudoCityCode Specifies an identification code assigned to an office agency by a reservation system.
  ISOCountry Specifies the country code of the requesting party.
  ISOCurrency Specifies the currency code of the requesting party.
  AgentDutyCode An authority code assigned to a requestor.
  AirlineVendorID Specifies the IATA assigned airline code.
  AirportCode Specifies the IATA assigned airport code.
  FirstDepartPoint Specifies the point of first departure in a trip.

Specifies the source system.

Example: CSS or CSI

  TerminalID Specifies the electronic address of the device from which the information is entered.
  HomePseudoCityCode An identification code assigned to the office/agency of the home city by a reservation system.



An identifier of the entity making the request.

Example: ATA/IATA/ID number, Electronic Reservation Service Provider (ERSP), Association of British Travel Agents (ABTA).

  URL Identifies the location associated with the record identified by the UniqueID.
  Type Provides a reference to the type of object defined by the UniqueID element.

The identification of a record as it exists at a point in time.

An instance is used in update messages where the sender must assure the server that the update sent refers to the most recent modification level of the object being updated.


A unique identifying value assigned by the creating system.

It is used to reference a primary-key value within a database or in a particular implementation.


Used to identify the source of the identifier.

Example: IATA, ABTA

  MessagePassword This password provides an additional level of security that the recipient can use to validate the sending party's authority to use the message.


  Identifies the company that is associated with the UniqueID.


CompanyShortName Specifies the company common name.
  TravelSector Refers to OTA Code List Travel Sector (TVS).
  Code Identifies a company by the company code.
  CodeContext Identifies the context of the identifying code, such as DUNS, IATA, or an internal code.
  Division Specifies the division name or ID with which the contact is associated.
  Department Specifies the department name or ID with which the contact is associated.
ArrangerDetails   Provides the contact information of the person who makes the arrangements of the PNR.
  • PersonName
  Used to identify the contact name details of the requestor.
  • Telephone
  Used to identify the telephone number details of the requestor.
  • Email
  Used to identify the email address details of the requestor.
PersonName   Used to identify the contact name details of the requestor.
  • Prefix


A salutation of honorific, Mr., Mrs., Ms., Miss., Dr.

  • Given


The given name, first name, or names.

  • Middle


The middle name of the person.

  • Surname


The family/last name.
  • Suffix


Holds various name suffixes and letters e.g., Jr., Sr., III., Ret., Esq.

  • Type


Values include ADT or INF.

  • PreferredFirstName


Any preferred name for the first name used instead of the GivenName.

  • PreferredSurname
  Any preferred name for the last name used instead of the Surname.
Telephone   Used to identify the telephone details of the requestor.
  • PhoneUseType

Specifies the type of telephone number, in the context of its general use.

Example: Home, Business, Emergency Contact, Travel Arranger, Day, Evening. 

  • PhoneCountryCode
  Specifies the country code for the telephone number of the requestor.
  • PhoneCountryName
  Specifies the country name for the telephone number of the requestor.
  • PhoneNumber
  Specifies the telephone number assigned to a single location.

Specifies the address of the arranger.


Booking Channel   Specifies the booking channel type and whether it is the primary means of connectivity of the source.

Specifies the type of booking channel. Can be:

  • Global Distribution System (GDS)
  • Alternative Distribution System (ADS)
  • Sales and Catering System (SCS)
  • Property Management System (PMS)
  • Central Reservation System (CRS)
  • Tour Operator System (TOS)
  • Internet and (ALL)
  Primary Indicates whether the enumerated booking channel is the primary means of connectivity used by the source.
  • CompanyName
  Specifies the company that is associated with the booking channel.
TTYRecordLocator   Received via TeleType, the locator is used to identify a particular PNR.
  • CRSLocator

If the PNR was received from OAL (from CRS or OAL), the Record Locator of the PNR in the creating system.

Occurs only for TTY created PNRs. Value for this optional field can be populated if available. This optional field is used for information and display purposes only.

  • CRSCode
  Airline Code of the RES System or CRS system that creates this PNR. This optional field is not used in any processing. This field is used for information and display purposes only.
  • RecordLocator
  Used to identify a particular PNR.
  • AgencyId
  Specifies the booking source arranger.
  • IataNumber
  Specifies the IATA number of the booking source location.
  • AgencyLocation
  Specifies the booking source agent location.
  • UserType

Identifies the user type. Can be:

  • A-Airline
  • E-ERSP
  • N-no user ID assigned by IATA
  • T-user ID assigned by IATA other than ERSP.
  • CountryCode
  Specifies the country code for the telephone number of the requestor.
  • Currency
  Specifies the currency of the country of the requesting party.
  • DutyCode
  Specifies the duty code of the agent who issued a ticket/refund/exchange /void.
  • ERSPUserId
  Specifies the Electronic Reservation Service Provider number.
  • FirstPointOfDeparture
  Specifies the first point of departure for the booking.
OAC   The Office Account Code defines the agency's PCC extension.
  • PartitionId
  Specifies the default partition code from the OAC data.
  • AccountingCityCode
  Specifies the personal account city code associated with the user AAA city during the original PNR create session.
  • AccountingCode
  Specifies the personal account code associated with the user AAA city during the original PNR create session.
  • AccountingOfficeStationCode
  Specifies the station code from the OAC line used in the PNR create session.

Point of Commencement is the first point of departure amongst all of the segments present in the PNR.

Poc can be used to explicitly specify the journey's Point of Commencement if the itinerary contains other segments other than air.

Provided values are present in the RS payload if they are earlier than those defined by the first air segment.

  • Airport
  Specifies the name of the airport.
  • Departure
  Specifies the date and time of the departure.

Provides the client context when calling downline services, such as: Web Check In; Web RES; Interact Check In; Interact RES; Kiosk Check In; TTY; PRS; GSM; SSCI. 

If the context is set in the GetReservation request, the master PNR is retrieved.

  • Name

Allows users to provide information about the caller to the service.

Caution! This parameter is currently available only with customization and is not a standard service. Contact your Sabre representative for more information.


Response Structure

The response message contains data stored in the requested PNR. The GetReservationRS API allows client applications to retrieve PNR data, including:

  • Booking details
  • Point of Sale
  • Passenger Reservation 
  • Reservation Value Score
  • DKNumbers
  • Corporated IDs
  • Received from
  • Reservation extensions\history 

PNR data, which might be present in the response message, also depends on the security defined by viewership rules.

Views and Subject Areas

  • The PNR data present in the response payload depends on the ViewName used in the request.
  • The number of data elements returned in each View can be further narrowed by SubjectArea.
  • If the data elements corresponding to a specified SubjectArea are not present in the PNR, then those will not be returned in the response payload. If required, custom-made Views and SubjectAreas can be developed.

For more information on Views and Subject Areas, refer to the Help tab.

Error Codes

For more information on the error messages that describe the error, the error type, and how to resolve it, refer to the Errors page.


AAA Agent Assembly Area - The buffer in the Sabre system where content is retained while a Sabre Host session is active.
FOID Form Of Identification - Used to advise the carrier what identification the passenger will present upon check-in for e-ticket travel.
GDS Code for the Global Distribution System. For example:
1S – Sabre
1B – Abacus
1J – Axess
1F – Infini
Locator PNR locator
OAC Office Accounting Code
OSI Other Supplementary Information - Used when an action or reply from the carrier is not required.
PCC Pseudo City Code - Unique identifier of the travel agency.
PNR Passenger Name Record
POS Point of Sale
PSS Passenger Service System, also known as the Sabre Host.
SAN Sabre Advance Notification
Segment Itinerary field of a Passenger Name Record holding the actual booking (air, car, rail, hotel etc).
SSR Special Service Request - Used when an action or response from the carrier is required.
STL Sabre XML format
Sample Request
<ns6:GetReservationRQ xmlns:ns1="" xmlns:ns2="" xmlns:ns3="" xmlns:ns4="" xmlns:ns6="" xmlns:ns7="" xmlns:ns8="" Version="1.19.22">
    <ns6:ReturnOptions xmlns:xsi="" xsi:type="ns6:ReturnOptions" UnmaskCreditCard="false" ShowTicketStatus="true">
Sample Response
<stl19:GetReservationRS xmlns:stl19="" xmlns:ns6="" xmlns:or114="" xmlns:raw="" xmlns:ns4="" Version="1.19.22">
    <stl19:Reservation numberInParty="1" numberOfInfants="0" NumberInSegment="1">
            <stl19:FlightsRange Start="2024-01-27T14:25:00" End="2024-01-27T16:25:00"/>
        <stl19:POS AirExtras="false" InhibitCode="U">
            <stl19:Source BookingSource="X8C4" AgentSine="-KR" PseudoCityCode="X8C4" ISOCountry="US" AgentDutyCode="*" AirlineVendorID="AA" HomePseudoCityCode="HDQ" PrimeHostID="1S"/>
                <stl19:Passenger id="4" nameType="S" nameId="01.01" nameAssocId="1" elementId="pnr-4.1">
                <stl19:Segment sequence="1" id="6">
                    <stl19:Air id="6" sequence="1" segmentAssociationId="2" isPast="false" DayOfWeekInd="6" ArrivalDayOfWeekInd="6" CodeShare="false" SpecialMeal="false" StopQuantity="00" SmokingAllowed="false" ResBookDesigCode="Y" Code="AA" isIgnored="false">
                        <stl19:ArrivalTerminalName>TERMINAL 3</stl19:ArrivalTerminalName>
                        <stl19:OperatingAirlineShortName>AMERICAN AIRLINES</stl19:OperatingAirlineShortName>
                        <stl19:Cabin Code="Y" SabreCode="Y" Name="ECONOMY" ShortName="ECONOMY" Lang="EN"/>
                        <stl19:Banner>MARKETED BY AMERICAN AIRLINES</stl19:Banner>
                    <stl19:Product id="6">
                        <or114:ProductDetails productCategory="AIR">
                            <or114:ProductName type="AIR"/>
                            <or114:Air sequence="1" segmentAssociationId="2">
                                <or114:ArrivalTerminalName>TERMINAL 3</or114:ArrivalTerminalName>
                                <or114:Cabin code="Y" sabreCode="Y" name="ECONOMY" shortName="ECONOMY" lang="EN"/>
                                <or114:DisclosureCarrier Code="AA" DOT="false">
                                    <or114:Banner>AMERICAN AIRLINES</or114:Banner>
                <stl19:FutureTicketing id="7" index="1" elementId="pnr-7">
            <stl19:PhoneNumber id="5" index="1" elementId="pnr-5">
            <stl19:Remark index="1" id="3" type="FOP" elementId="pnr-3" paymentCardToken="4ABCDEFG12345678">
            <stl19:EmailAddress id="10">
        <stl19:GenericSpecialRequests id="9" type="G" msgType="O">
            <stl19:FreeText>VIP ON BOARD</stl19:FreeText>
            <stl19:FullText>AA VIP ON BOARD</stl19:FullText>
            <or114:OpenReservationElement id="9" type="SRVC" elementId="pnr-9">
                <or114:ServiceRequest airlineCode="AA" serviceType="OSI" ssrType="GFX">
                    <or114:FreeText>VIP ON BOARD</or114:FreeText>
                    <or114:FullText>AA VIP ON BOARD</or114:FullText>
            <or114:OpenReservationElement id="10" type="PSG_DETAILS_MAIL" elementId="pnr-10">
                <or114:Email comment="">
            <or114:OpenReservationElement id="3" type="FP" displayIndex="1" elementId="pnr-3">
                <or114:FormOfPayment migrated="false">
                        <or114:CardNumber tokenized="false" token="4ABCDEFG12345678">4XXXXXXXXXXX1881</or114:CardNumber>