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Get Hotel Media (v2.0.0)

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The Get Hotel Media (GetHotelMediaRQ) API returns the available image content for a given Sabre Hotel(s).

Target Audience
Travel Agency
API Version
Session Token
Service Action Code

In detail

The API includes image urls for accessing image content in multiple sizes, along with the associated meta data including image type, caption, and last updated timestamp and suggested image ordering. The content is available in multiple languages and can be used to create flexible requests/responses to access the image content of Sabre Hotels.

Use Guidelines

Use of Sabre APIs must comply with the terms of your agreement with Sabre, its authorized purposes and the following use guidelines which may be amended by Sabre from time to time:

  • No caching allowed. In order to ensure that you have access to the most current visual content to display and reflect the property, you may not cache or store images or other visual content. Our hotel properties and chains are regularly updating their content in the Sabre Visual Content Management Platform (VCMP).
  • No onward distribution allowed. You may not redistribute the visual content or otherwise make it available to other parties not authorized under your Sabre Subscriber Agreement. The visual content may only be used in conjunction with your hotel shopping and booking activity in the Sabre system.
  • No compilations. You may not make or publish compilations of the visual content.
  • Please note that Sabre may change the content that is available at any time.
  • Use of visual content of the APIs in violation of these use guidelines or the terms of your agreement with Sabre is misuse of the Sabre System and access may be terminated by Sabre.

The Get Hotel Media API provides access to image URLs in our Visual Content Management Platform (VCMP), which is a multi-sourced database of hotel property photos, including the associated metadata. Pictures are available in 5 sizes, categorized by OpenTravel's 23 Picture Categories (PIC) translated in up to 8 languages, and with free-text captions. The API also includes the "last updated" timestamp, and ordinals for image sequencing.

Image Sizes:

  • Original
  • Thumbnail
  • Small
  • Medium
  • Large

OpenTravel PIC name/code:

  • Exterior View - 1
  • Lobby view - 2
  • Pool view - 3
  • Restaurant - 4
  • Health Club - 5
  • Guest Room - 6
  • Suite - 7
  • Meeting Room - 8
  • Ballroom - 9
  • Golf Course - 10
  • Beach - 11
  • Spa - 12
  • Bar / Lounge - 13
  • Recreational - 14
  • Logo - 15
  • Basics - 16
  • Map - 17
  • Promotional - 18
  • Hotel News - 19
  • Miscellaneous - 20
  • Guest Room Amenity - 21
  • Property Amenity - 22
  • Business Center - 23

Languages for PIC name:

  • English (EN)
  • French (FR)
  • Spanish (ES)
  • Italian (IT)
  • German (DE)
  • Simplified Chinese (ZH)
  • Japanese (JA)
  • Russian (RU)
  • Portuguese (PT)
  • Traditional Chinese (ZH-TW)

Free text caption (examples):

  • Enjoy the luxurious space of the Double Queen room
  • Whale watching from our beautiful infinity pool.
Sample Request
<GetHotelMediaRQ xmlns="" xmlns:xsi="" version="2.0.0" xsi:schemaLocation=" GetHotelMediaRQ_V2.xsd">
        <HotelRef HotelCode="59845" CodeContext="Sabre"/>
    <MediaRef MaxItems="1">
                <Image Type="ORIGINAL"/>
                <PanoramicMedia Type="HD360"/>
                <Video Type="VIDEO360"/>
            <Info Type="CAPTION">true</Info>
            <Language Code="EN"/>
Sample Response
<GetHotelMediaRS xmlns="">
    <ApplicationResults xmlns="" status="Complete">
        <Success timeStamp="2017-01-04T03:39:09.217-06:00"/>
            <HotelInfo ChainCode="WV" CodeContext="Sabre" HotelCode="59845" Marketer="IHOTELRS"/>
                <MediaItem Format="JPG" Id="4302419" LastModifedDate="2017-01-02-06:00" Ordinal="1">
                        <Image Height="421" Type="ORIGINAL" Url="" Width="1024"/>
                    <Category CategoryCode="1">
                            <Text Language="en">Exterior view</Text>
                <MediaItem Format="ASPX" Id="4302465" LastModifedDate="2017-01-02-06:00" Ordinal="1">
                        <PanoramicMedia Height="0" Type="HD360" Url="URl" Width="0"/>
                    <Category CategoryCode="11">
                            <Text Language="en">Beach</Text>
                <MediaItem Format="MP4" Id="4302507" LastModifedDate="2017-01-02-06:00" Ordinal="0">
                        <Video Height="0" Type="VIDEO360" Url="" Width="0"/>
                    <Category CategoryCode="20">
                            <Text Language="en">Miscellaneous</Text>