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Rail Reports

Travel Agency

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Deprecated API

Warning! Sabre Rail SOAP APIs will be decommissioned soon. New REST APIs documentation is available here.

The Rail Reports API (RailReportsRQ) returns a report for the specified rail vendor (e.g. list of all bookings from a single agency for a specific period).

Target Audience
Travel Agency
API Version
Session Token
Service Action Code

For more details please refer to Resources.

NOTE: Consuming this webservice and its content requires special permission. Before requesting access please make sure you have all the necessary agreements in place with the rail vendor(s) you would like to sell using Sabre Webservices. For more information on accessing Sabre Rail content and rail supplier contacts please visit the respective product page on Agency eServices.

Sample Request
<ns10:RailReportsRQ xmlns:ns10="" xmlns:ns11="" xmlns:ns12="" xmlns:ns13="" xmlns:ns14="" xmlns:ns15="" xmlns:ns16="" xmlns:ns17="" xmlns:ns18="" xmlns:ns19="" xmlns:ns2="" xmlns:ns20="" xmlns:ns21="" xmlns:ns22="" xmlns:ns4="" xmlns:ns5="" xmlns:ns6="" xmlns:ns7="urn:schemas-sabre-com:soap-header-debug" xmlns:ns8="" xmlns:ns9="" LocationCodeContext="RR" MarketingCarrier="RR" PrimaryLangID="en" Version="1.22.0">
Sample Response
<ns13:RailReportsRS xmlns:ns13="" xmlns:ns11="" xmlns:ns12="" xmlns:ns16="" xmlns:rcmn="" xmlns:ris="" xmlns:rl="" xmlns:rmas="" xmlns:rmb="" xmlns:rmt="" xmlns:rota="" xmlns:rpnrs="" xmlns:rrc="" xmlns:rrr="" xmlns:rs="" MarketingCarrier="RR" TransactionIdentifier="V0_B_1_000045" Version="1.22.0">
                <rcmn:AccountBalance Amount="30000.00" CurrencyCode="RUB"/>
                <rcmn:AccountBalanceLimit Amount="0.00" CurrencyCode="RUB"/>