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Car Location Details

Travel Agency

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The Car Location Details (OTA_VehLocDetailLLSRQ) is used to request detailed information about a specific car rental location based on city code, vendor code, or both, and via specify pickup/drop off times.

Target Audience
Travel Agency
API Version
Session Token
Service Action Code

It also returns detailed information about the location such as hours and contact information.

Sample Request
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<!--Perform a basic vehicle location details request.-->
<!--Equivalent Native Entry: CP*ZEDFW-->
<OTA_VehLocDetailRQ Version="2.2.0" xmlns="" xmlns:xs="" xmlns:xsi="">
            <PickUpLocation LocationCode="DFW"/>
            <VendorPref Code="ZE"/>
<!--Perform a basic vehicle location details request and also specify pickup/drop off times.-->
<!--Equivalent Native Entry: CP*ZEDFW/22NOV-24NOV-->
<OTA_VehLocDetailRQ Version="2.2.0" xmlns="" xmlns:xs="" xmlns:xsi="">
        <VehRentalCore PickUpDateTime="11-22" ReturnDateTime="11-24">
            <PickUpLocation LocationCode="DFW"/>
            <VendorPref Code="ZE"/>
<!--Perform a corporate vehicle location details request-->
<!--Equivalent Native Entry: CP*ZECORP-->
<OTA_VehLocDetailRQ Version="2.2.0" xmlns="" xmlns:xs="" xmlns:xsi="">
            <VendorPref Code="ZE" GeneralPolicy="true"/>
<!--Perform a basic vehicle location details request based upon a line number in a @QueryType="shop"-based OTA_VehAvailRateLLSRQ response.-->
<!--Equivalent Native Entry: CF*P2-->
<OTA_VehLocDetailRQ Version="2.2.0" xmlns="" xmlns:xs="" xmlns:xsi="">
    <VehAvailRQCore QueryType="Shop" RPH="2"/>
<!--Perform a basic vehicle location details request based upon a line number in a @QueryType="quote"-based OTA_VehAvailRateLLSRQ response.-->
<!--Equivalent Native Entry: CQ*P-->
<OTA_VehLocDetailRQ Version="2.2.0" xmlns="" xmlns:xs="" xmlns:xsi="">
    <VehAvailRQCore QueryType="Quote"/>
<!--Perform a corporate vehicle location details request and specify a car extras code to validate with vendor.-->
<!--Equivalent Native Entry: CP*ZEDFW/SQ-->
<OTA_VehLocDetailRQ Version="2.2.0" xmlns="" xmlns:xs="" xmlns:xsi="">
            <PickUpLocation LocationCode="DFW"/>
            <CarExtras Code="SQ"/>
            <VendorPref Code="ZE"/>
Sample Response
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<OTA_VehLocDetailRS xmlns="" Version="2.2.0" xmlns:xs="" xmlns:xsi="" xmlns:stl="">
    <stl:ApplicationResults status="Complete">
        <stl:Success timeStamp="2016-01-31T09:21:35-05:00"/>
                <LocationDetails CounterLocation="SAON" LocationName="SAN FRANCISCO" LocationOwner="CORP" UnitOfMeasure="MI">
                            <Custom Name="GOLD SERVICE-">
                                <Text>HERTZ NUMBER ONE CLUB GOLD IS THE FAST...EASY WAY TO</Text>
                                <Text>RENT A CAR AT OVER 640 HERTZ LOCATIONS AROUND THE</Text>
                                <Text>WORLD.  WE PROVIDE YOU WITH A SPECIAL CANOPIED AREA SO</Text>
                                <Text>* NO STOPPING AT ANY COUNTERS *</Text>
                                <Text>NOT IN THE TERMINAL.  NOT IN THE RENTAL LOT.</Text>
                                <Text>NOT ANYWHERE.</Text>
                                <Text>* NO DEALING WITH UNNECESSARY PAPERWORK *</Text>
                                <Text>YOUR CHOICES REGARDING CAR CLASS..OPTIONAL SERVICES AND</Text>
                                <Text>CREDIT CARD ARE ALL TAKEN CARE OF IN ADVANCE.</Text>
                                <Text>* NO SEARCHING FOR YOUR CAR *</Text>
                                <Text>THE HERTZ COURTESY BUS DELIVERS YOU TO A SPECIAL</Text>
                                <Text>WEATHER-PROTECTED CANOPIED AREA WHERE AN ELECTRONIC</Text>
                                <Text>SIGN CLEARLY SHOWS YOUR CAR*S LOCATION NEXT TO YOUR</Text>
                                <Text>* NO SUPRISES *</Text>
                                <Text>YOUR CAR HAS BEEN PRE-SELECTED ACCORDING TO YOUR</Text>
                                <Text>PREFERENCES..SPECIALLY PREPARED AND READY TO GO -</Text>
                                <Text>TRUNK OPEN AND ALL.  JUST STEP IN..SHOW THE GATE</Text>
                                <Text>ATTENDANT YOUR DRIVER*S LICENSE AND RENTAL RECORD..AND</Text>
                                <Text>TAKE OFF.</Text>
                                <Text>WHEN THE HERTZ NUMBER ONE CLUB *GOLD* CANOPY SERVICE IS</Text>
                                <Text>CONFIRMED..THE LETTERS *GOLD* WILL BE APPENDED TO YOUR</Text>
                                <Text>CONFIRMATION NUMBER.</Text>
                                <Text>GOLD SERVICE IS AVAILABLE DURING REGULAR BUSINESS</Text>
                                <Text>FLIGHT ARRIVALS - COLLECT YOUR BAGGAGE THEN FOLLOW THE</Text>
                                <Text>SIGNS FOR THE AIRTRAIN, TAKE THE BLUE LINE.  EXIT AT</Text>
                                <Text>THE RENTAL CAR CENTER ON THE 4TH FLOOR.  TURN RIGHT AND</Text>
                                <Text>TAKE THE ELEVATOR TO THE FIRST FLOOR.  EXIT, TURN     ,</Text>
                                <Text>RIGHT AND GO TO THE GOLD SERVICE DIRECTORY BOARD IN THE</Text>
                                <Text>WALKINS - FROM 101 SOUTH OR 101 NORTH TAKE THE SAN</Text>
                                <Text>BRUNO AVENUE EAST EXIT AND FOLLOW THE RENTAL CAR RETURN</Text>
                                <Text>SIGNS TO THE COMMON RENTAL CAR FACILITY.  HERTZ IS</Text>
                                <Text>LOCATED ON THE GROUND FLOOR, FOLLOW THE GOLD SERVICE</Text>
                                <Text>NUMBER ONE CLUB GOLD APPLICATIONS CAN BE REQUESTED BY</Text>
                                <Text>PHONE AT 1-800-654-3131 OR MAY BE OBTAINED THROUGH MOST</Text>
                                <Text>TRAVEL AGENCIES.</Text>
                            <Custom Name="PRESTIGE SERVICE-">
                                <Text>THE HERTZ PRESTIGE COLLECTION IS A UNIQUE LINE OF</Text>
                                <Text>SUPERIOR PERFORMANCE VEHICLES SUCH AS THE JAGUAR XJ8,</Text>
                                <Text>LAND ROVER DISCOVERY, AND THE VOLVO S80 CONVERTIBLE.</Text>
                                <Text>WHEN RENTING A HERTZ PRESTIGE COLLECTION VEHICLE YOU</Text>
                                <Text>WILL ENJOY THE BENEFITS OF SPECIAL HERTZ PRESTIGE</Text>
                                <Text>SERVICE INCLUDING THE FOLLOWING...</Text>
                                <Text>*THE ABILITY TO RESERVE BY SPECIFIC VEHICLE MODEL BY</Text>
                                <Text>SIPP CODE</Text>
                                <Text>*WEATHER PROTECTED PICK UP AREA</Text>
                                <Text>*EXPEDITED RETURN SERVICE</Text>
                                <Text>*ONE YEAR, FREE, FEE-WAIVED GOLD SERVICE MEMBERSHIP</Text>
                                <Text>*COMPLIMENTARY NEVERLOST IN-CAR NAVIGATION SYSTEM</Text>
                                <Text>FLIGHT ARRIVALS - ADVISE CUSTOMER TO COLLECT THEIR</Text>
                                <Text>BAGGAGE, THEN FOLLOW THE AIR TRAIN SIGNS TO CATCH THE</Text>
                                <Text>AIR TRAIN BLUE LINE TO BE TAKEN TO THE COMMON RENTAL</Text>
                                <Text>CAR FACILITY. EXIT THE AIRTRAIN ON THE RIGHT SIDE INTO</Text>
                                <Text>THE 4TH FLOOR LOBBY, TURN RIGHT, BYPASS THE COUNTER AND</Text>
                                <Text>TAKE THE ELEVATORS AT THE SOUTH END OF THE BUILDING TO</Text>
                                <Text>THE FIRST FLOOR. MAKE TWO IMMEDIATE RIGHT TURNS AND GO</Text>
                                <Text>INTO THE GARAGE.  THE GOLD SERVICE DIRECTORY BOARD IS</Text>
                                <Text>DIRECTLY AHEAD.</Text>
                                <Text>WALKINS - ADVISE CUSTOMER TO FOLLOW SIGNS TO COMMON</Text>
                                <Text>RENTAL CAR FACILITY, HERTZ IS LOCATED ON THE FIRST</Text>
                                <Text>FLOOR, AND ADVISE A GOLD SERVICE REPRESENTATIVE THAT</Text>
                                <Text>THEY HAVE A PRESTIGE COLLECTION RESERVATION.</Text>
                                <Text>NON-GOLD RENTERS AND GOLD RENTERS WITH QUESTIONS SHOULD</Text>
                                <Text>LOOK FOR THE HERTZ REPRESENTATIVE IN THE GOLD SERVICE</Text>
                                <Text>PRESTIGE PICKUP SERVICE - CUSTOMER WILL BE PICKED UP AT</Text>
                                <Text>HOTELS AND RESORTS WITHIN A 15 MILE RADIUS OF THE</Text>
                                <Text>PRESTIGE COLLECTION.  PICKUP SERVICE BEYOND THE 15 MILE</Text>
                                <Text>RADIUS MAY BE AVAILABLE FOR AN ADDITIONAL FEE.  ADVISE</Text>
                                <Text>CUSTOMER TO CALL THE LOCATION AT 650-624-6601 OR</Text>
                                <Text>650-624-6601 AND SPEAK TO A MANAGER TO FINALIZE THE</Text>
                                <Text>PICKUP ARRANGEMENTS.</Text>
                                <Text>FLIGHT ARRIVALS - COLLECT BAGGAGE. FOLLOW THE SIGNS IN</Text>
                                <Text>THE AIRPORT FOR THE AIRTRAIN. TAKE THE BLUE LINE. EXIT</Text>
                                <Text>RENTAL CAR CENTER ON THE 4TH FLOOR. TURN RIGHT, TAKE</Text>
                                <Text>ELEVATOR TO THE FIRST FLOOR. EXIT, TURN RIGHT, AND GO</Text>
                                <Text>INTO THE GARAGE TO THE GOLD SERVICE DIRECTORY BOARD.</Text>
                                <Text>WALKINS - IF TRAVELING TO THE AIRPORT ON EITHER 101</Text>
                                <Text>SOUTH OR 101 NORTH, TAKE THE SAN BRUNO AVENUE EXIT AND</Text>
                                <Text>FOLLOW THE RENTAL CAR RETURN SIGNS TO THE COMMON RENTAL</Text>
                                <Text>CAR FACILITY. HERTZ IS LOCATED ON THE GROUND FLOOR.</Text>
                                <Text>ENTER THE BUILDING. FOLLOW THE HERTZ GOLD SERVICE SIGNS</Text>
                                <Text>TO THE GOLD SERVICE VIP LOUNGE. ADVISE GOLD SERVICE</Text>
                                <Text>REPRESENTATIVE THAT IT IS A PRESTIGE COLLECTION R</Text>
                                <Text>RENTERS WITH QUESTIONS SHOULD LOOK FOR THE HERTZ</Text>
                                <Text>REPRESENTATIVE IN THE GOLD SERVICE AREA.</Text>
                            <Text>THIS IS A SELF-SERVICE EXPRESS KIOSK OR EXPRESS COUNTER</Text>
                            <Text>LOCATION.  AFTER THE RESERVATION IS COMPLETED THE</Text>
                            <Text>RENTER MUST COMPLETE CHECK IN ONLINE AT HERTZ.COM PRIOR</Text>
                            <Text>TO RENTAL, PRINT A BAR CODED CONFIRMATION AND PRESENT</Text>
                            <Text>IT AT THE TIME OF RENTAL AT THE KIOSK OR EXPRESS</Text>
                            <Text>COUNTER.  CHECK IN IS GUARANTEED TO BE 10 MINUTES OR</Text>
                            <Text>LESS OR THEY WILL RECEIVE A 50 DOLLAR HERTZ CREDIT.</Text>
                            <Text>** COMPUTERIZED DRIVING DIRECTIONS - CDD</Text>
                            <Text>VARIOUS AIRPORTS OFFER AN EASY TO USE TOUCH-SCREEN FOR</Text>
                            <Text>MAPPING OUT LOCAL ROUTES TO LANDMARKS, HOTELS, TOURIST</Text>
                            <Text>ATTRACTIONS, RESTAURANTS, ETC., WHICH CAN BE PRINTED</Text>
                            <Text>OUT AND TAKEN WITH YOU IN YOUR RENTAL CAR.</Text>
                            <Text>AIRPORT LOCATION.</Text>
                            <Text>** INSTANT RETURN SERVICE - AVAILABLE TO CHARGE CARD</Text>
                            <Text>CUSTOMERS AT THIS AIRPORT LOCATION.  YOU WILL MEET A</Text>
                            <Text>HERTZ REPRESENTATIVE IN THE CAR RETURN AREA AND WILL BE</Text>
                            <Text>GIVEN A COMPLETED RENTAL RECEIPT FROM A HAND-HELD</Text>
                            <Text>COMPUTER.  THERE IS NO NEED TO GO TO THE RENTAL COUNTER</Text>
                            <Text>WHICH SAVES YOU TIME.</Text>
                            <Text>** NON-SMOKING VEHICLES MAY BE AVAILABLE.  PLEASE CHECK</Text>
                            <Text>AT THE RENTAL COUNTER FOR AVAILABILITY.</Text>
                            <Text>** ACCESSIBLE PARKING</Text>
                            <Text>ALL HERTZ CORPORATE LOCATIONS HAVE DESIGNATED</Text>
                            <Text>ACCESSIBLE PARKING AT CAR RETURN AREAS.  CUSTOMERS MUST</Text>
                            <Text>PROVIDE THEIR OWN HANDICAPPED PERMIT.  DUE TO SAFETY</Text>
                            <Text>CAR STICKERS.</Text>
                            <Text>** DRIVERS FOR THE BLIND OR PHYSICALLY-IMPAIRED PERSONS</Text>
                            <Text>A DRIVER WHO HAS A VALID DRIVERS LICENSE AND IS AT</Text>
                            <Text>LEAST 25 YEARS OF AGE MAY DRIVE A HERTZ CAR RENTED BY</Text>
                            <Text>A PERSON WITH VISUAL OR OTHER PHYSICAL IMPAIRMENT.</Text>
                            <Text>** TELEPHONE SERVICE FOR THE HEARING-IMPAIRED</Text>
                            <Text>FOR PERSONS WITH HEARING OR SPEECH IMPAIRMENT, THE</Text>
                            <Text>DEVICE FOR THE DEAF--TDD--24 HOURS A DAY.  CALL TOLL</Text>
                            <Text>FREE WITHIN THE U.S. ... 1-800-654-2280</Text>
                            <Surcharges>AT CORPORATE AND LICENSEE LOCATIONS IN THE UNITED</Surcharges>
                            <Surcharges>STATES, PUERTO RICO, AND ST. THOMAS HERTZ WILL RENT</Surcharges>
                            <Surcharges>SELECTED CAR CLASS VEHICLES *PRESTIGE COLLECTION AND</Surcharges>
                            <Surcharges>SOME OTHER MODELS EXCLUDED* TO CUSTOMERS WHO ARE AGE</Surcharges>
                            <Surcharges>20-24 WITH A PER DAY AGE DIFFERENTIAL CHARGE IN</Surcharges>
                            <Surcharges>IN ADDITION TO THE NORMAL RENTAL RATE.</Surcharges>
                            <Surcharges>AGE DIFFERENTIAL CHARGE...</Surcharges>
                            <Surcharges>ECAR, CCAR, CDAR, ICAR, IDAR, FCAR, FDAR, PCAR,     ,</Surcharges>
                            <Surcharges>CXAR...........................USD 15.00 PER DAY.</Surcharges>
                            <Surcharges>OTHER CAR CLASSES *SOME MODELS EXCLUDED*...</Surcharges>
                            <Surcharges>...............................USD 25.00 PER DAY.</Surcharges>
                            <Text>ON MOST RENTALS THE MINIMUM AGE IS 25 WITHOUT AN</Text>
                            <Text>ADDITIONAL AGE DIFFERENTIAL CHARGE, AND 20 WITH AN AGE</Text>
                            <Text>DIFFERENTIAL CHARGE.</Text>
                            <Text>CORPORATE ACCOUNTS</Text>
                            <Text>AGES OF 21-24, TO RENT FOR BUSINESS PURPOSES.  RENTERS</Text>
                            <Text>THE TIME OF RENTAL AND ADDITIONAL FEES MAY APPLY.</Text>
                            <Text>AGE EXCEPTIONS WHEN RENTING FOR BUSINESS PURPOSES.</Text>
                            <AdditionalDriverFee>ADDITIONAL AUTHORIZED OPERATORS FEES</AdditionalDriverFee>
                            <AdditionalDriverFee>NO FEE FOR ADDITIONAL AUTHORIZED OPERATORS.</AdditionalDriverFee>
                            <AdditionalDriverFee>AAA - SPOUSE/DOMESTIC PARTNER OF AAA MEMBERS ARE NOT</AdditionalDriverFee>
                            <AdditionalDriverFee>REQUIRED TO HAVE A SEPARATE AAA MEMBERSHIP IN ORDER TO</AdditionalDriverFee>
                            <AdditionalDriverFee>RECEIVE THE FREE AAO PRIVILEGES.  FOR OTHER RENTALS,</AdditionalDriverFee>
                            <AdditionalDriverFee>THE AAO FEE IS ALSO WAIVED WHEN BOTH THE RENTER AND THE</AdditionalDriverFee>
                            <AdditionalDriverFee>AAO ARE AAA MEMBERS.</AdditionalDriverFee>
                            <AdditionalDriverFee>WHEN BOOKING INCLUDES AAA DISCOUNT NUMBER.</AdditionalDriverFee>
                            <AdditionalDriverFee>USAA - NO CHARGE FOR QUALIFIED ADDITIONAL OPERATORS</AdditionalDriverFee>
                            <AdditionalDriverFee>WHO ARE USAA MEMBERS WHEN SIGNING ON TO A USAA RENTAL</AdditionalDriverFee>
                            <AdditionalDriverFee>WHEN BOOKING INCLUDES USAA DISCOUNT NUMBER.</AdditionalDriverFee>
                            <AdditionalDriverFee>AARP - NO CHARGE FOR QUALIFIED ADDITIONAL AUTHORIZED</AdditionalDriverFee>
                            <AdditionalDriverFee>OPERATORS WHO ARE AARP MEMBERS WHEN SIGNING ON TO A</AdditionalDriverFee>
                            <AdditionalDriverFee>AARP RENTAL WHEN BOOKING INCLUDES AN AARP DISCOUNT</AdditionalDriverFee>
                            <Text>ACCEPTABLE AUTHORIZED OPERATORS AGE 25 AND OLDER ARE</Text>
                            <Text>AUTOMATICALLY COVERED ON THE RENTAL AGREEMENT.</Text>
                            <Text>AUTHORIZED OPERATORS ARE...</Text>
                            <Text>- THE EMPLOYER, EMPLOYEE, OR FELLOW EMPLOYEE OF RENTER</Text>
                            <Text>ON COMPANY BUSINESS, *WHEN BOOKING INCLUDES COMPANY</Text>
                            <Text>CORPORATE DISCOUNT NUMBER*.</Text>
                            <Text>- THE RENTER*S SPOUSE FOR RENTALS THAT ORIGINATE IN</Text>
                            <Text>CALIFORNIA, IOWA, OR NEW YORK.</Text>
                            <Text>- AUTHORIZED OPERATORS DO NOT HAVE TO BE PRESENT AT</Text>
                            <Text>TIME OF RENTAL.</Text>
                            <Text>- THERE ARE NO FEES FOR AUTHORIZED OPERATORS.</Text>
                            <Text>ADDITIONAL AUTHORIZED OPERATORS</Text>
                            <Text>- INDIVIDUALS NOT AUTOMATICALLY COVERED ON THE RENTAL</Text>
                            <Text>BE APPROVED BY HERTZ AFTER COMPLETING AN *ADDITIONAL</Text>
                            <Text>AUTHORIZED OPERATOR FORM.</Text>
                            <Text>AN APPLICABLE DRIVING RECORD WILL BE PERFORMED -</Text>
                            <Text>RENTAL OR AT ANY RENTING LOCATION.</Text>
                            <Text>- RENTER AND EACH ADDITIONAL AUTHORIZED OPERATOR MUST</Text>
                            <Text>BE PRESENT TO SIGN RENTAL AGREEMENT, PRESENT AN</Text>
                            <Text>ACCEPTABLE CREDIT CARD OR DEBIT CARD *IF RENTING CITY</Text>
                            <Text>ACCEPTS DEBIT CARDS* OR CURRENT ROUND-TRIP TICKET</Text>
                            <Text>*AIR, TRAIN OR BUS*, SHOWS VALID DRIVER*S LICENSE, AND</Text>
                            <Text>MUST BE A MINIMUM OF 25 YEARS OF AGE.  *THE CREDIT CARD</Text>
                            <Text>OR ROUND-TRIP TICKET REQUIREMENT DOES NOT APPLY TO A</Text>
                            <Text>SPOUSE OR DOMESTIC PARTNER.</Text>
                            <Text>CARS MAY NOT BE RETURNED WITHIN THE STATE OF ALASKA OR</Text>
                            <Text>WITHIN MEXICO.</Text>
                            <Text>ONE-WAY RENTALS WILL INCLUDE A VALID RATE AND ANY</Text>
                            <Text>APPLICABLE ONE-WAY RENTAL CHARGE.</Text>
                            <Text>INSTRUCTIONS FOR TRAVEL AGENTS USING SABRE...</Text>
                            <Text>ENTER THE HERTZ LOCATION CODE FOR THE DROP OFF LOCATION</Text>
                            <Text>IN THE /DO-  FIELD ALONG WITH /RC-BEST  AND HERTZ WILL</Text>
                            <Text>RETURN THE BEST RATE AVAILABLE.</Text>
                            <AirportFees>AN AIRPORT CONCESSION FEE RECOVERY OF 11.11 PERCENT</AirportFees>
                            <AirportFees>WILL BE APPLIED TO ALL RENTALS IF ARRIVAL BY FLIGHT</AirportFees>
                            <AirportFees>WITHIN 24 HOURS.</AirportFees>
                            <Custom Name="GOVERNMENT RATE SUPPLEMENT-">
                                <Text>WHEN TRAVELING ON OFFICIAL U. S. GOVERNMENT BUSINESS,</Text>
                                <Text>RENTER WILL BE CHARGED A STANDARD MANDATORY GOVERNMENT</Text>
                                <Text>ADMINISTRATIVE RATE SUPPLEMENT *GARS* OF USD 5.00 PER</Text>
                                <Text>DAY IN ADDITION TO THE RATES LISTED.</Text>
                            <Text>A VEHICLE LICENSING COST RECOVERY OF USD 1.71 PER DAY</Text>
                            <Text>WILL BE ASSESSED ON RENTALS IN CALIFORNIA WITH A</Text>
                            <Text>CDPS* FOR BUSINESS PROGRAM SPONSORS WITH ANNUAL GROSS</Text>
                            <Text>REVENUES WITH HERTZ IN EXCESS OF USD 25,000.00.</Text>
                            <Text>A 2.85 PERCENT CALIFORNIA TOURISM COMMISSION ASSESSMENT</Text>
                            <Text>WILL BE APPLIED TO ALL RENTALS.</Text>
                            <Text>A VEHICLE LICENSING COST RECOVERY OF USD 0.00 TO USD</Text>
                            <Text>1.96 PER DAY WILL BE APPLIED TO ALL RENTALS.</Text>
                            <Text>HERTZ HAS THREE REFUELING OPTIONS AVAILABLE TO MEET</Text>
                            <Text>YOUR NEEDS...</Text>
                            <Text>** YOU MAY PURCHASE A TANK OF GAS FROM HERTZ AT TIME OF</Text>
                            <Text>RENTAL AND RETURN THE VEHICLE WITH AS LITTLE GAS AS YOU</Text>
                            <Text>PREFER.  PLEASE BE AWARE THAT WE ARE UNABLE TO ISSUE A</Text>
                            <Text>REFUND FOR UNUSED FUEL.  HOWEVER, THIS METHOD</Text>
                            <Text>ELIMINATES THE NEED FOR YOU TO REFUEL THE TANK PRIOR TO</Text>
                            <Text>** YOU CAN LET US REFUEL FOR YOU AND ONLY PAY FOR THE</Text>
                            <Text>FUEL REQUIRED TO REPLACE THE FUEL YOU USED, AND FOR THE</Text>
                            <Text>SERVICE AND CONVENIENCE OF REFUELING THE TANK.</Text>
                            <Text>** YOU CAN STOP AND REFUEL THE TANK YOURSELF,</Text>
                            <Text>IMMEDIATELY PRIOR TO RETURNING THE VEHICLE.</Text>
                            <Text>HERTZ CARS MAY NOT BE DRIVEN INTO MEXICO.</Text>
                            <Text>HERTZ CARS MAY BE DRIVEN INTO CANADA BUT THE FOLLOWING</Text>
                            <Text>RESTRICTIONS APPLY-</Text>
                            <Text>**RENTAL LOCATION MUST BE NOTIFIED IN ADVANCE SO THAT</Text>
                            <Text>. NECESSARY PAPERWORK CAN BE INCLUDED WITH THE CAR.</Text>
                            <Text>**CANADIAN CUSTOMS AND EXCISE REGULATIONS PROHIBIT</Text>
                            <Text>. CANADIAN RESIDENTS FROM DRIVING US RENTAL VEHICLES IN</Text>
                            <Text>. CANADA AND/OR RETURNING TO THE US.  WHEN A CANADIAN</Text>
                            <Text>. RESIDENT RENTS A US CAR IN THE US AND DRIVES INTO</Text>
                            <Text>. CANADA, HE/SHE MUST OBTAIN A TRAVELERS VEHICLE PERMIT</Text>
                            <Text>. FROM CANADIAN CUSTOMS /FORM E50B/.  THEN THE RENTER</Text>
                            <Text>. MUST GO DIRECTLY TO A CANADIAN HERTZ LOCATION AND</Text>
                            <Text>. EXCHANGE THE US CAR FOR A CANADIAN CAR WITHIN 24</Text>
                            <Text>. HOURS.  NO ONE WAY RENTAL FEES ARE APPLIED.</Text>
                            <Text>. RESIDENCY IS BASED ON THE PRIMARY RENTER.</Text>
                            <Text>**RENTERS MAY ONLY DRIVE IN CANADA FOR 30 DAYS UNLESS</Text>
                            <Text>. EXTENSION IS REQUESTED FROM CUSTOMS AT TIME OF ENTRY.</Text>
                                <Text>LIABILITY INSURANCE SUPPLEMENT - LIS - IS AN OPTION</Text>
                                <Text>AVAILABLE FOR AN ADDITIONAL CHARGE OF USD 13.95 PER</Text>
                                <Text>LIS PROVIDES THE RENTER AND AUTHORIZED OPERATORS OF THE</Text>
                                <Text>RENTAL VEHICLE WITH PRIMARY LIABILITY PROTECTION FOR</Text>
                                <Text>THIRD PARTY ACCIDENT CLAIMS UP TO A COMBINED SINGLE</Text>
                                <Text>LIMIT OF USD 1,000,000.00 FOR BODILY INJURY, INCLUDING</Text>
                                <Text>DEATH AND PROPERTY DAMAGE FOR EACH OCCURENCE.  THE LIS</Text>
                                <Text>CHARGE APPLIES TO EACH FULL OR PARTIAL RENTAL DAY.</Text>
                            <PersonalAccident>PAI OFFERED IN COMBINATION WITH PEC ALLOWS YOU TO ELECT</PersonalAccident>
                            <PersonalAccident>ACCIDENTAL DEATH AND ACCIDENTAL MEDICAL EXPENSE</PersonalAccident>
                            <PersonalAccident>COVERAGE FOR YOURSELF AND YOUR PASSENGERS DURING THE</PersonalAccident>
                            <PersonalAccident>RENTAL PERIOD OF THE VEHICLE FOR USD 6.95 PER DAY IN</PersonalAccident>
                            <PersonalAccident>ALL CORPORATE LOCATIONS EXCEPT STATE OF WASHINGTON -</PersonalAccident>
                            <PersonalAccident>USD 4.25 - STATE OF NEW YORK - USD 3.95 - AND STATE OF</PersonalAccident>
                            <PersonalAccident>INDIANA - USD 6.05 - CORPORATE AND SOME LICENSEE</PersonalAccident>
                            <PersonalAccident>PAI COVERAGE EXTENDS TO THE CUSTOMER FOR THE DURATION</PersonalAccident>
                            <PersonalAccident>OF THE RENTAL AND TO ALL PASSENGERS WHILE ENTERING,</PersonalAccident>
                            <PersonalAccident>EXITING AND OCCUPYING THE CAR. PEC PROVIDES LIMITED</PersonalAccident>
                            <PersonalAccident>PROTECTION FOR LOSS OF OR DAMAGE TO COVERED PERSONAL</PersonalAccident>
                            <PersonalAccident>EFFECTS WHILE SUCH PERSONAL EFFECTS ARE IN TRANSIT OR</PersonalAccident>
                            <PersonalAccident>IN ANY HOTEL OR OTHER BUILDING EN ROUTE DURING THE</PersonalAccident>
                            <PersonalAccident>RENTAL PERIOD.</PersonalAccident>
                            <PersonalAccident>COVERAGE APPLIES TO THE CUSTOMER AND MEMBERS OF THE</PersonalAccident>
                            <PersonalAccident>CUSTOMERS IMMEDIATE FAMILY WHO PERMANENTLY RESIDE IN</PersonalAccident>
                            <PersonalAccident>THE CUSTOMERS HOUSEHOLD AND ARE TRAVELLING WITH THE</PersonalAccident>
                            <PersonalAccident>PAI AND PEC ARE AVAILABLE FOR A SINGULAR CHARGE FOR</PersonalAccident>
                            <PersonalAccident>EACH FULL OR PARTIAL DAY.</PersonalAccident>
                            <Text>ON THIS RENTAL, HERTZ PROVIDES *NO* LIABILITY</Text>
                            <Text>PROTECTION TO THE RENTER.  THE RENTER*S PERSONAL/</Text>
                            <Text>BUSINESS INSURANCE COVERS HIS/HER LIABILITY.  THIS DOES</Text>
                            <Text>NOT AFFECT OPTIONAL LDW OR PAI/PEC COVERAGES.  RENTERS</Text>
                            <Text>CAN STILL CHOOSE TO ACCEPT THE OPTIONAL LIABILITY</Text>
                            <Text>INSURANCE SUPPLEMENT *LIS*.</Text>
                            <Text>AN ACCEPTABLE VALID DRIVER*S LICENSE ISSUED FROM YOUR</Text>
                            <Text>COUNTRY OF RESIDENCE, MUST BE PRESENTED AT TIME OF</Text>
                            <Text>RENTAL.  THE DRIVER*S LICENSE MUST BE VALID FOR THE</Text>
                            <Text>ENTIRE RENTAL PERIOD.  IF THE DRIVER*S LICENSE IS IN A</Text>
                            <Text>LANGUAGE OTHER THAN ENGLISH, AND THE RENTAL IS IN THE</Text>
                            <Text>UNITED STATES, AN INTERNATIONAL DRIVER*S PERMIT IS</Text>
                            <Text>RECOMMENDED.  IN ALL CASES, A VALID DRIVER*S LICENSE</Text>
                            <Text>ISSUED FROM YOUR HOME COUNTRY MUST BE PROVIDED,</Text>
                            <Text>WHETHER OR NOT YOU POSSESS AN INTERNATIONAL DRIVER*S</Text>
                            <Text>PERMIT.  YOU WILL NOT BE ALLOWED TO RENT A HERTZ</Text>
                            <Text>VEHICLE WITH ONLY AN INTERNATIONAL DRIVER*S PERMIT.</Text>
                            <Text>FVAR REQUIRES A COMMERICAL DRIVER*S LICENSE TO</Text>
                            <Text>TRANSPORT NON-PROFIT GROUPS OR FOR COMMERICAL USE.</Text>
                            <Text>VEHICLE MAY NOT BE USED TO TRANSPORT PASSENGERS FOR</Text>
                            <Text>HIRE.  THE COMMERCIAL DRIVER*S LICENSE REQUIREMENT DOES</Text>
                            <Text>NOT APPLY TO PERSONAL RENTALS.</Text>
                            <MakeModel Capacity="4" Example="KIA RIO" Group="A" NumBags="2" NumDoors="4" Type="ECAR"/>
                            <MakeModel Capacity="5" Example="CHEVROLET AVEO" Group="B" NumBags="2" NumDoors="4" Type="CCAR"/>
                            <MakeModel Capacity="5" Example="CHEVROLET AVEO" Group="B" NumBags="2" NumDoors="4" Type="CDAR"/>
                            <MakeModel Capacity="5" Example="MAZDA 3 SKYATIV" Group="C" NumBags="4" NumDoors="4" Type="ICAR"/>
                            <MakeModel Capacity="5" Example="MAZDA 3 SKYATIV" Group="C" NumBags="4" NumDoors="4" Type="IDAR"/>
                            <MakeModel Capacity="5" Example="INTERMEDIATE FUEL SAVER" Group="C4" NumBags="3" NumDoors="4" Type="EDAR"/>
                            <MakeModel Capacity="5" Example="NISSAN ALTIMA" Group="D" NumBags="3" NumDoors="2" Type="SCAR"/>
                            <MakeModel Capacity="5" Example="FORD C MAX HYBRID   GREEN" Group="E6" NumBags="3" NumDoors="4" Type="ICAH"/>
                            <MakeModel Capacity="5" Example="FORD C MAX HYBRID   GREEN" Group="E6" NumBags="3" NumDoors="4" Type="XDAR"/>
                            <MakeModel Capacity="5" Example="FORD FUSION ECOBOOST" Group="F" NumBags="4" NumDoors="4" Type="FCAR"/>
                            <MakeModel Capacity="5" Example="FORD FUSION ECOBOOST" Group="F" NumBags="4" NumDoors="4" Type="FDAR"/>
                            <MakeModel Capacity="5" Example="TOYOTA CAMRY GREEN" Group="F6" NumBags="4" NumDoors="2" Type="FSAR"/>
                            <MakeModel Capacity="5" Example="NISSAN MAXIMA" Group="G" NumBags="4" NumDoors="4" Type="PCAR"/>
                            <MakeModel Capacity="4" Example="INFINITI G37 SEDAN  HPC" Group="G4" NumBags="4" NumDoors="4" Type="XSAR"/>
                            <MakeModel Capacity="5" Example="INFINITI G37 SEDAN  HPC" Group="G4" NumBags="4" NumDoors="4" Type="LEAR"/>
                            <MakeModel Capacity="5" Example="CADILLAC ATS HPC" Group="G6" NumBags="2" NumDoors="4" Type="FXAR"/>
                            <MakeModel Capacity="4" Example="MERCEDES C63 AMG" Group="H" NumBags="3" NumDoors="2" Type="PSAR"/>
                            <MakeModel Capacity="5" Example="MERCEDES GLK350 NAV HPC" Group="H4" NumBags="4" NumDoors="4" Type="PRAR"/>
                            <MakeModel Capacity="4" Example="MERCEDES E63 AMG" Group="H6" NumBags="3" NumDoors="4" Type="LSAR"/>
                            <MakeModel Capacity="5" Example="LINCOLN TOWN CAR" Group="I" NumBags="5" NumDoors="4" Type="LCAR"/>
                            <MakeModel Capacity="2" Example="LAMBOURGHINI GALLARDO LP" Group="I4" NumBags="2" NumDoors="2" Type="LBAR"/>
                            <MakeModel Capacity="4" Example="PORSCHE PANAMERA" Group="I6" NumBags="4" NumDoors="4" Type="XRAR"/>
                            <MakeModel Capacity="2" Example="ELECTRIC VEHICLES GTRV" Group="J" NumBags="1" NumDoors="2" Type="MXAR"/>
                            <MakeModel Capacity="2" Example="TESLA ROADSTER EV" Group="J6" NumBags="0" NumDoors="2" Type="XBAR"/>
                            <MakeModel Capacity="5" Example="MERCEDES E CLASS HPC" Group="K" NumBags="4" NumDoors="4" Type="PDAR"/>
                            <MakeModel Capacity="5" Example="CADILLAC SRX  HPC" Group="K4" NumBags="4" NumDoors="4" Type="LRAR"/>
                            <MakeModel Capacity="5" Example="CADILLAC SRX  HPC" Group="K4" NumBags="4" NumDoors="4" Type="LGDR"/>
                            <MakeModel Capacity="2" Example="FERRARI SPIDER CONVER" Group="K6" NumBags="1" NumDoors="2" Type="FTAR"/>
                            <MakeModel Capacity="5" Example="CHEVROLET EQUINOX" Group="L" NumBags="5" NumDoors="5" Type="SFAR"/>
                            <MakeModel Capacity="7" Example="CHEVROLET TRAVERSE 4WD" Group="L4" NumBags="4" NumDoors="5" Type="FRAR"/>
                            <MakeModel Capacity="5" Example="PORSCHE CAYENNE DREAM" Group="L6" NumBags="4" NumDoors="4" Type="XWAR"/>
                            <MakeModel Capacity="12" Example="FORD CLUB WAGON" Group="M" NumBags="5" NumDoors="4" Type="FVAR"/>
                            <MakeModel Capacity="2" Example="DODGE VIPER   DREAM" Group="M4" NumBags="1" NumDoors="2" Type="XSMR"/>
                            <MakeModel Capacity="2" Example="AUDI R8 AWD COUPE" Group="M6" NumBags="1" NumDoors="2" Type="LXAR"/>
                            <MakeModel Capacity="2" Example="MERCEDES SLS COUPE" Group="N" NumBags="1" NumDoors="2" Type="CXAR"/>
                            <MakeModel Capacity="2" Example="NISSAN NV CARGO VAN" Group="N4" NumBags="9" NumDoors="3" Type="SKAR"/>
                            <MakeModel Capacity="4" Example="NISSAN GT R DREAM" Group="N6" NumBags="1" NumDoors="2" Type="LLAR"/>
                            <MakeModel Capacity="5" Example="HONDA CIVIC CNG" Group="O" NumBags="2" NumDoors="4" Type="SRAR"/>
                            <MakeModel Capacity="5" Example="MERCEDES C CLASS      HPC" Group="P4" NumBags="4" NumDoors="4" Type="LDAR"/>
                            <MakeModel Capacity="7" Example="CADILLAC ESCALADE AWD HPC" Group="P6" NumBags="2" NumDoors="4" Type="LFAR"/>
                            <MakeModel Capacity="7" Example="CADILLAC ESCALADE AWD HPC" Group="P6" NumBags="2" NumDoors="4" Type="WFAR"/>
                            <MakeModel Capacity="2" Example="ASTON MARTIN V8 DREAM" Group="Q" NumBags="1" NumDoors="2" Type="PLAR"/>
                            <MakeModel Capacity="5" Example="TOYOTA RAV 4" Group="Q4" NumBags="4" NumDoors="4" Type="IFAR"/>
                            <MakeModel Capacity="2" Example="MERCEDES SLK250 CONV HPC" Group="Q6" NumBags="1" NumDoors="2" Type="XXAR"/>
                            <MakeModel Capacity="7" Example="DODGE GRAND CARAVAN" Group="R" NumBags="5" NumDoors="4" Type="MVAR"/>
                            <MakeModel Capacity="7" Example="DODGE GRAND CARAVAN" Group="R" NumBags="5" NumDoors="4" Type="IVAR"/>
                            <MakeModel Capacity="2" Example="PORSCHE BOXSTER DREAM" Group="R4" NumBags="2" NumDoors="2" Type="ERAR"/>
                            <MakeModel Capacity="4" Example="PORSCHE 911 DREAM" Group="R6" NumBags="2" NumDoors="2" Type="CSAR"/>
                            <MakeModel Capacity="2" Example="FORD F350 CREWCAB 4WD" Group="S" NumBags="0" NumDoors="4" Type="SPAR"/>
                            <MakeModel Capacity="7" Example="INFINITI QX56      HPC" Group="S4" NumBags="5" NumDoors="4" Type="IRAR"/>
                            <MakeModel Capacity="7" Example="INFINITI QX56      HPC" Group="S4" NumBags="5" NumDoors="4" Type="URAR"/>
                            <MakeModel Capacity="7" Example="MERCEDES GL450 HPC" Group="S6" NumBags="4" NumDoors="4" Type="XFAR"/>
                            <MakeModel Capacity="8" Example="GMC YUKON" Group="T" NumBags="4" NumDoors="5" Type="FFAR"/>
                            <MakeModel Capacity="7" Example="LINCOLN NAV 4WD HPC" Group="T4" NumBags="6" NumDoors="4" Type="LWAR"/>
                            <MakeModel Capacity="8" Example="CHEVROLET SUBURBAN" Group="T6" NumBags="6" NumDoors="5" Type="PFAR"/>
                            <MakeModel Capacity="2" Example="CHRYSLER 200" Group="U" NumBags="2" NumDoors="2" Type="STAR"/>
                            <MakeModel Capacity="4" Example="CHEVY CAMARO SS CONV" Group="U4" NumBags="1" NumDoors="2" Type="XTAR"/>
                            <MakeModel Capacity="2" Example="CORVETTE CONVERTIBLE" Group="U6" NumBags="0" NumDoors="2" Type="PTAR"/>
                            <MakeModel Capacity="5" Example="JEEP WRANGLER" Group="V" NumBags="3" NumDoors="2" Type="SJBR"/>
                            <MakeModel Capacity="5" Example="JEEP WRANGLER" Group="V" NumBags="3" NumDoors="4" Type="CRAR"/>
                            <MakeModel Capacity="4" Example="DODGE CHALLENGER RT ADRN" Group="V4" NumBags="4" NumDoors="2" Type="ISAR"/>
                            <MakeModel Capacity="4" Example="CHEVROLET CAMARO SS" Group="V6" NumBags="2" NumDoors="2" Type="PBAR"/>
                            <MakeModel Capacity="4" Example="FORD MUSTANG CONVERTIBLE" Group="W" NumBags="2" NumDoors="2" Type="RTAR"/>
                            <MakeModel Capacity="4" Example="FORD MUSTANG CONVERTIBLE" Group="W" NumBags="2" NumDoors="2" Type="IXAR"/>
                            <MakeModel Capacity="4" Example="FERRARI CALIFORNIA CONV" Group="W4" NumBags="2" NumDoors="2" Type="ITAR"/>
                            <MakeModel Capacity="4" Example="FORD MUSTANG GT PREMIUM" Group="W6" NumBags="2" NumDoors="2" Type="PXAR"/>
                            <MakeModel Capacity="4" Example="VOLVO C70 CONVERTIBLE HPC" Group="X4" NumBags="1" NumDoors="2" Type="WTAR"/>
                            <MakeModel Capacity="4" Example="VOLVO C70 CONVERTIBLE HPC" Group="X4" NumBags="1" NumDoors="2" Type="SXAR"/>
                            <MakeModel Capacity="5" Example="CADILLAC CTS V" Group="Z4" NumBags="4" NumDoors="4" Type="XCAR"/>
                            <MakeModel Capacity="4" Example="MERCEDES E350 CONVERT HPC" Group="X6" NumBags="1" NumDoors="2" Type="LTAR"/>
                            <MakeModel Capacity="4" Example="BENTLEY CONTINENTAL GT" Group="Z" NumBags="3" NumDoors="2" Type="XLAR"/>
                            <MakeModel Capacity="5" Example="VW JETTA TDI       GREEN" Group="Z6" NumBags="3" NumDoors="4" Type="SDAR"/>
                            <Text>NAV - INCLUDES NEVERLOST</Text>
                            <Text>CSR - INCLUDES SIRIUS SATELLITE RADIO</Text>
                            <Text>NOT ALL VEHICLES AVAILABLE AT ALL LOCATIONS.  CHECK</Text>
                            <Text>AVAILABILITY FOR VEHICLES AT THIS LOCATION.</Text>
                            <Text>ADVANCED BOOKING MAY BE REQUIRED, BASED ON LOCATION*S</Text>
                            <Text>HOURS OF OPERATION.</Text>
                            <Text>TRUNK SUITCASE CAPACITY IS ONLY AN ESTIMATE OF THE</Text>
                            <Text>NUMBER OF MEDIUM SUITCASES THAT WILL FIT INTO A</Text>
                            <Text>CAR SPECIFICATIONS ARE THOSE SUPPLIED BY THE</Text>
                            <Text>THEY ARE GIVEN AS A GENERAL GUIDE ONLY AND SUBJECT TO</Text>
                            <Text>** ABOVE MODELS ARE REPRESENTATIVE ONLY **</Text>
                            <Text>MAKE/MODEL CANNOT BE GUARANTEED</Text>
                            <Payment Code="P">
                                <Text>**CREDIT CARDS MUST HAVE AVAILABLE CREDIT, AND</Text>
                                <Text>DEBIT/CHECK CARDS MUST HAVE THE AVAILABLE FUNDS, FOR</Text>
                                <Text>THE ESTIMATED AMOUNT OF RENTAL CHARGES PLUS UP TO</Text>
                                <Text>USD 200.00 IN ORDER TO SECURE THE RENTAL.  ELIGIBLE</Text>
                                <Text>DEBIT CARDS MUST HAVE THE VISA, MASTERCARD OR DISCOVER</Text>
                                <Text>LOGO.  STORED VALUE/PREPAID/GIFT CARDS ARE NOT</Text>
                                <Text>ACCEPTABLE TO QUALIFY FOR RENTAL, HOWEVER THESE CARDS</Text>
                                <Text>MAY BE USED FOR PAYMENT AT RETURN.</Text>
                                <Text>PLEASE NOTE THAT AT TIME OF RENTAL YOU WILL NEED TO</Text>
                                <Text>PRESENT *1* A CURRENT DRIVER*S LICENSE AND *2* A VALID</Text>
                                <Text>CREDIT OR CHARGE CARD IN THE RENTER*S NAME.  AT MOST</Text>
                                <Text>HERTZ LOCATIONS IN THE UNITED STATES, PUERTO RICO AND</Text>
                                <Text>U.S. VIRGIN ISLANDS, HERTZ WILL ALLOW YOU TO PRESENT</Text>
                                <Text>CERTAIN DEBIT/CHECK CARDS IN PLACE OF A CREDIT CARD OR</Text>
                                <Text>CHARGE CARD.  USE OF A DEBIT CARD TO RENT A VEHICLE IS</Text>
                                <Text>SUBJECT TO REVIEW OF YOUR CREDIT HISTORY.  *NOTE - A</Text>
                                <Text>CONFIRMATION OF YOUR RESERVATION DOES NOT MEAN THAT</Text>
                                <Text>YOUR DEBIT/CHECK CARD IS ACCEPTABLE TO HERTZ.*</Text>
                            <Payment Code="R">
                                <PaymentCard Code="AX" Type="AMERICAN EXPRESS"/>
                                <PaymentCard Code="CB" Type="CARTE BLANCHE"/>
                                <PaymentCard Code="DC" Type="DINERS CLUB"/>
                                <PaymentCard Code="DS" Type="DISCOVER/NOVUS"/>
                                <PaymentCard Code="EC" Type="EUROCARD"/>
                                <PaymentCard Code="CA" Type="MASTERCARD"/>
                                <PaymentCard Code="JC" Type="JCB INTERNATIONAL"/>
                                <PaymentCard Code="TP" Type="AIR TRAVEL CARD"/>
                                <PaymentCard Code="VI" Type="VISA/BANKAMERICARD"/>
                                <PaymentCard Code="XS" Type="ACCESS CARD"/>
                                <PaymentCard Code="ZE" Type="HERTZ"/>
                                <PaymentCard Code="BB" Type="BARCLAY CARD"/>
                                <PaymentCard Code="CG" Type="CHARGEX"/>
                                <PaymentCard Code="CX" Type="CHOICE"/>
                                <PaymentCard Code="CL" Type="CREDIT LIBANAIS"/>
                                <PaymentCard Code="MD" Type="DIAMOND CARD"/>
                                <PaymentCard Code="LH" Type="LUFTHANSA COURTESY"/>
                            <Payment Code="C">
                                <Text>CASH RENTALS ARE ACCEPTED WITH A CASH DEPOSIT ID CARD</Text>
                                <Text>OR AN ACCEPTABLE CHARGE CARD IN THE RENTER*S NAME.</Text>
                                <Text>HERTZ CASH DEPOSIT ID CARD - AN APPLICATION FOR THIS</Text>
                                <Text>CARD MAY BE OBTAINED BY CONTACTING YOUR LOCAL HERTZ</Text>
                                <Text>RESERVATION CENTER.  THIS CARD REQUIRES A DEPOSIT IN</Text>
                                <Text>CASH OR TRAVELERS CHECKS AT THE BEGINNING OF THE</Text>
                                <Text>RENTAL.  THE MINIMUM DEPOSIT IS THE ESTIMATED COST OF</Text>
                                <Text>THE RENTAL PLUS 50 PERCENT OF THAT AMOUNT, WITH A</Text>
                                <Text>MINIMUM DEPOSIT OF USD 250.00.</Text>
                                <Text>HERTZ CASH CARD - THIS CARD ALLOWS CASH RENTALS AND</Text>
                                <Text>WAIVES THE DEPOSIT REQUIREMENT.  THIS CARD IS NO LONGER</Text>
                                <Text>ISSUED. HOWEVER, PREVIOUSLY ISSUED CARDS ARE HONORED.</Text>
                            <Payment Code="G">
                                <PaymentCard Code="AX" Type="AMERICAN EXPRESS"/>
                                <PaymentCard Code="CB" Type="CARTE BLANCHE"/>
                                <PaymentCard Code="DC" Type="DINERS CLUB"/>
                                <PaymentCard Code="DS" Type="DISCOVER/NOVUS"/>
                                <PaymentCard Code="EC" Type="EUROCARD"/>
                                <PaymentCard Code="CA" Type="MASTERCARD"/>
                                <PaymentCard Code="JC" Type="JCB INTERNATIONAL"/>
                                <PaymentCard Code="TP" Type="AIR TRAVEL CARD"/>
                                <PaymentCard Code="VI" Type="VISA/BANKAMERICARD"/>
                                <PaymentCard Code="XS" Type="ACCESS CARD"/>
                                <PaymentCard Code="ZE" Type="HERTZ"/>
                                <PaymentCard Code="BB" Type="BARCLAY CARD"/>
                                <PaymentCard Code="CG" Type="CHARGEX"/>
                                <PaymentCard Code="CX" Type="CHOICE"/>
                                <PaymentCard Code="CL" Type="CREDIT LIBANAIS"/>
                                <PaymentCard Code="MD" Type="DIAMOND CARD"/>
                                <PaymentCard Code="LH" Type="LUFTHANSA COURTESY"/>
                                <Text>DUE TO LIMITED AVAILABILITY, SOME VEHICLES REQUIRE A</Text>
                                <Text>CREDIT CARD GUARANTEE.  IF THE VEHICLE IS NOT NEEDED,</Text>
                                <Text>IT MUST BE CANCELLED PRIOR TO THE PENALTY PERIOD OR A</Text>
                                <Text>CANCELLATION FEE WILL BE APPLIED TO THE CREDIT CARD.</Text>
                            <Payment Code="D">
                                <PaymentCard Code="AX" Type="AMERICAN EXPRESS"/>
                                <PaymentCard Code="CB" Type="CARTE BLANCHE"/>
                                <PaymentCard Code="DC" Type="DINERS CLUB"/>
                                <PaymentCard Code="DS" Type="DISCOVER/NOVUS"/>
                                <PaymentCard Code="EC" Type="EUROCARD"/>
                                <PaymentCard Code="CA" Type="MASTERCARD"/>
                                <PaymentCard Code="JC" Type="JCB INTERNATIONAL"/>
                                <PaymentCard Code="TP" Type="AIR TRAVEL CARD"/>
                                <PaymentCard Code="VI" Type="VISA/BANKAMERICARD"/>
                                <PaymentCard Code="XS" Type="ACCESS CARD"/>
                                <PaymentCard Code="ZE" Type="HERTZ"/>
                                <PaymentCard Code="BB" Type="BARCLAY CARD"/>
                                <PaymentCard Code="CG" Type="CHARGEX"/>
                                <PaymentCard Code="CX" Type="CHOICE"/>
                                <PaymentCard Code="CL" Type="CREDIT LIBANAIS"/>
                                <PaymentCard Code="MD" Type="DIAMOND CARD"/>
                                <PaymentCard Code="LH" Type="LUFTHANSA COURTESY"/>
                                <Text>WHEN A DEPOSIT IS REQUIRED, THE AMOUNT IS BASED ON THE</Text>
                                <Text>FOLLOWING CHARGES -</Text>
                                <Text>RATE, TAXES, LDW, PAI/PEC, LIS, REFUELING, SURCHARGE/</Text>
                                <Text>MOTOR VEHICLE FEES, ADDITIONAL AUTHORIZED DRIVER FEES,</Text>
                                <Text>SUPPLEMENTARY EQUIPMENT FEES, AGE DIFFERENTIALS, ETC.</Text>
                            <Payment Code="V">
                                <Text>HERTZ WILL NO LONGER ACCEPT MCO*S OR AIRLINE</Text>
                                <Text>ACCOMODATION VOUCHERS ISSUED FROM THE U.S. OR CANADA</Text>
                                <Text>FOR RENTALS WITHIN THE U.S. OR CANADA.</Text>
                                <Text>HERTZ ACCEPTS MCO*S AND AIRLINE VOUCHERS ISSUED BY</Text>
                                <Text>INTERNATIONAL AIRLNES.  MCO*S ARE NOT ACCEPTED IF</Text>
                                <Text>VALIDATED THROUGH ONE OF THE FOLLOWING AIRLNE</Text>
                                <Text>AEROLINEAS ARGENTINAS, ALLTALIA AIRLINES, MARKAIR,</Text>
                                <Text>TOWER AIR, IBERIA AIRLINES, SWISS AIR *SWISSAIRE*,</Text>
                                <Text>AIR SOUTH AIRLINES, ALASKA AIRLINES, AIR TRANSAT</Text>
                                <Text>AIRWAYS, AMERICA WEST AIRLINES, JAPAN AIRLINES,</Text>
                                <Text>AMERICAN, US AIR, DELTA, CONTINENTAL, UNITED,</Text>
                                <Text>AIR CANADA, SOUTHWEST.</Text>
                                <Text>THE FOLLOWING CONDITIONS APPLY FOR MCO*S ISSUED BY ANY</Text>
                                <Text>OTHER SOURCE...</Text>
                                <Text>RESIDENTS OF THE U.S., CANADA, PUERTO RICO AND THE</Text>
                                <Text>VIRGIN ISLANDS CAN RENT WITH AN MCO AND EITHER...</Text>
                                <Text>1. AN ACCEPTABLE CHARGE OR DEBIT CARD.  THE COUNTER</Text>
                                <Text>WILL PLACE A HOLD ON THE CARD FOR THE ESTIMATED RENTAL</Text>
                                <Text>CHARGES OVER THE VALUE OF THE MCO.</Text>
                                <Text>2. A CURRENT RETURN AIRLINE TICKET PLUS A CASH DEPOSIT.</Text>
                                <Text>THE DEPOSIT IS CALCULATED AT THE ESTIMATED RENTAL</Text>
                                <Text>CHARGES OVER THE VALUE OF THE MCO PLUS 50 PERCENT WITH</Text>
                                <Text>A MINIMUM DEPOSIT OF USD 100.00.  THE CASH DEPOSIT</Text>
                                <Text>MUST BE LEFT SEPERATELY AND IS NOT INCLUDED IN THE</Text>
                                <Text>VALUE OF THE MCO.</Text>
                                <Text>MORRIS AIR MCO CUSTOMERS MUST PRESENT THEIR RETURN</Text>
                                <Text>AIRLINE TICKET OR MORRIS AIR PASSENGER TICKET RECEIPT</Text>
                                <Text>AND MUST MEET THE CONDITIONS LISTED ABOVE.</Text>
                                <Text>AMTRAK TOUR PROGRAM VOUCHER CAN ALSO BE USED AS LONG</Text>
                                <Text>AS THEY ARE ACCOMPANIED BY A RETURN AIRLINE TICKET OR</Text>
                                <Text>AMTRAK TICKET AND THE RENTER MEETS THE ABOVE</Text>
                            <Shuttle Information="Y">
                                <Text>COMMON AIRPORT TRANSPORTATION</Text>
                            <Shuttle Information="H">
                                <Text>24 HOURS, 7 DAYS.</Text>
                            <Shuttle Information="F">
                                <Text>THE AIR TRAIN RUNS APPROXIMATELY EVERY 4-5 MINUTES.</Text>
                            <Shuttle Information="P">
                                <Text>AIR TRAINS PROVIDED FROM ALL TERMINALS.  THE RED LINE</Text>
                                <Text>RUNS BETWEEN THE TERMINALS.  THE BLUE LINE RUNS FROM</Text>
                                <Text>THE TERMINALS TO THE COMMON RENTAL CAR AREA.  AIRPORT</Text>
                                <Text>SIGNS WILL DIRECT YOU TO THE TRAIN BOARDING AREAS.</Text>
                            <Shuttle Information="S">
                            <Shuttle Information="D">
                                <Text>THE CAR LOT IS APPROXIMATELY 1/2 TO 3/4 MILE FROM THE</Text>
                                <Text>TERMINAL AND IS ON THE AIRPORT PROPERTY.</Text>
                            <Shuttle Information="T">
                                <Text>INFORMATION NOT AVAILABLE.</Text>
                            <SpecialEquipment Code="CSI" Name="CHILD SEAT/INFANT-">
                                <Text>FOR INFORMATION ON INFANT CHILD SEATS, PLEASE SEE CST</Text>
                            <SpecialEquipment Code="CST" Name="CHILD SEAT/TODDLER-">
                                <Text>CHILD SEATS ARE MANDATORY BY LAW AND AVAILABLE ON</Text>
                                <Text>SELECTED CAR GROUPS AT ALL LOCATIONS.  CHILD SEATS ARE</Text>
                                <Text>FOR BACK SEAT USE ONLY.</Text>
                                <Text>THE FOLLOWING AMOUNTS ARE EXCLUDING TAX -</Text>
                                <Text>FEE - USD 11.99 P/DAY WITH A MAXIMUM CHARGE OF</Text>
                                <Text>USD 83.93.</Text>
                                <Text>A REPLACEMENT FEE OF USD 83.93 WILL BE APPLIED IN</Text>
                                <Text>ADDITION TO THE DAILY/WEEKLY CHARGE IF CHILD</Text>
                                <Text>SEAT NOT RETURNED.ONE WAY RENTAL IS AVAILABLE WITHIN</Text>
                                <Text>THE U.S. AT NO EXTRA CHARGE.</Text>
                                <Text>THE FOLLOWING CHILD SEATS SIZES ARE AVAILABLE -</Text>
                                <Text>INFANT SEAT FROM 5 TO 20 POUNDS OR UP TO 26 INCHES TALL</Text>
                                <Text>TODDLER SEAT FROM 20 TO 40 POUNDS OR UP TO 40 INCHES</Text>
                                <Text>CHILD SEATS/BOOSTER SEAT FROM 40 TO 100 POUNDS OR FROM</Text>
                                <Text>35 INCHES UP TO 54 INCHES TALL.</Text>
                                <Text>BOOKING PROCEDURE -</Text>
                                <Text>INFANT SEAT /SQ-CSI/SI-AGE OF CHILD</Text>
                                <Text>CHILD SEAT /SQ-CST/SI-AGE OF CHILD</Text>
                                <Text>BOOSTER SEAT /SQ-BST/SI-AGE OF CHILD</Text>
                            <SpecialEquipment Code="HCR" Name="HAND CONTROL RIGHT-">
                                <Text>HAND CONTROLLED EQUIPMENT IS A DEVICE THAT ATTACHES TO</Text>
                                <Text>THE BREAK AND GAS PEDAL. THIS ALLOWS THE PERSON TO</Text>
                                <Text>DRIVE THE VEHICLE WITHOUT USING LEGS.</Text>
                                <Text>HAND CONTROLS ARE AVAILABLE AT NO ADDITIONAL COST AND</Text>
                                <Text>IT MAY BE CONFIRMED ON SELECTED CAR GROUPS WITH 8 HOURS</Text>
                                <Text>ADVANCE NOTICE. IF ADVANCE BOOKING IS NOT MET,</Text>
                                <Text>EQUIPMENT CAN BE REQUESTED ON OTHER SELECTED CAR</Text>
                                <Text>THIS EQUIPMENT MAY BE USED ON ONE-WAY RENTALS FREE</Text>
                                <Text>OF CHARGE.</Text>
                                <Text>RENTERS MUST BRING THEIR OWN HANDICAPPED PARKING</Text>
                                <Text>PERMIT AS HERTZ DOES NOT PROVIDE HANDICAPPED ID CARDS</Text>
                                <Text>OR CAR STICKERS.</Text>
                                <Text>/SQ  HCR/SI-LEFT/RIGHT HAND CONTROL</Text>
                            <SpecialEquipment Code="HCL" Name="HAND CONTROL LEFT-">
                                <Text>FOR INFORMATION ON HAND CONTROLS LEFT, PLEASE REFER TO</Text>
                                <Text>HCR KEYWORD.</Text>
                            <SpecialEquipment Code="SKV" Name="SKI EQUIPPED VEHICLE-">
                                <Text>SKI RACKS, ICE SCRAPER AND MUD/SNOW TYRES ARE AVAILABLE</Text>
                                <Text>AND CONFIRMABLE FOR SELECTED VEHICLE GROUPS FOR A FEE.</Text>
                                <Text>SKIERIZED VEHICLE ARE EQUIPPED WITH A SKI RACK AND ICE</Text>
                                <Text>SCRAPER AND EITHER ALL WEATHER OR SNOW TYRES.</Text>
                                <Text>THE SKI RACK HOLDS THREE TO SIX PAIRS OF SKIS,</Text>
                                <Text>DEPENDING ON THE SIZE OF THE VEHICLE RENTED.</Text>
                                <Text>ONE WAY RENTALS ARE ALLOWED.</Text>
                                <Text>BOOKING PROCEDURE  /SQ-SKV</Text>
                                <Text>ALL VEHICLES EQUIPPED WITH TYRES WITH M/S CODING</Text>
                                <Text>MUD/SNOW - AND CLASSIFIED AS ALL-WEATHER TYRES CAN</Text>
                                <Text>ALSO BE USED IN SEVERE SNOW CONDITIONS.</Text>
                            <SpecialEquipment Code="NAV" Name="NAVIGATIONAL SYSTEM-">
                                <Text>HERTZ NEVERLOST IS A PORTABLE NAVIGATION SYSTEM THAT</Text>
                                <Text>PROVIDES TURN-BY-TURN DRIVING DIRECTIONS TO THOUSANDS</Text>
                                <Text>OF DESTINATIONS BY MEANS OF AN IN-CAR, 4 INCH LCD VIDEO</Text>
                                <Text>SCREEN AND COMPUTER GENERATED VOICE INSTRUCTIONS.</Text>
                                <Text>NEVERLOST IS CONFIRMABLE WITH ADVANCE NOTICE ON</Text>
                                <Text>SELECTED CAR GROUPS AT SELECTED LOCATIONS AT A COST OF</Text>
                                <Text>USD 12.99 PER DAY EXCL. TAX AND A MAXIMUM AMOUNT OF USD</Text>
                                <Text>181.86 EXCL. TAX FOR 14 DAYS OR LONGER.</Text>
                            <SpecialEquipment Code="BST" Name="CHILD SEAT/BOOSTER-">
                                <Text>FOR INFORMATION ON BOOSTER SEATS, PLEASE SEE CST</Text>
                            <SpecialEquipment Code="CSR" Name="SATELLITE RADIO-">
                                <Text>CSR - SIRIUS SATELLITE RADIO-</Text>
                                <Text>SIRIUS RADIO OFFERS 100 SATELLITE STREAMS OF RADIO</Text>
                                <Text>PROGRAMMING THAT INCLUDE 60 STREAMS OF A 100 PER CENT</Text>
                                <Text>COMMERCIAL FREE MUSIC AND 40 STREAMS OF NEWS, SPORTS</Text>
                                <Text>AND ENTERTAINMENT NATIONWIDE.</Text>
                                <Text>CONFIRMABLE WITH 4 HOURS ADVANCE NOTICE WITH A FEE OF</Text>
                                <Text>USD 5.00 PER DAY.</Text>
                                <Text>TO CONFIRM USE /SQ-CSR</Text>
                            <Text>IF PLATEPASS IS USED TO PAY A TOLL, YOU WILL BE CHARGED</Text>
                            <Text>THE POSTED CASH TOLL RATES INCURRED PLUS THE SERVICE</Text>
                            <Text>FEE SET FORTH ON YOUR RENTAL RECORD.</Text>
                            <Text>OF UP TO USD 0.75. PER DAY UP TO A MAXIMUM OF USD 5.25</Text>
                            <Text>PER RENTAL.  THE AMOUNT ASSESSED IS COLLECTED BY HERTZ</Text>
                            <Text>TO OFFSET A PORTION OF HERTZ ANNUAL COST OF</Text>
                            <Text>PARTICIPATION IN FREQUENT FLYER PROGRAMS.</Text>
                            <Text>* AIRTRANS AIRWAYS</Text>
                            <Text>* ALASKA AIRLINES</Text>
                            <Text>* CONTINENTAL AIRLINES</Text>
                            <Text>* DELTA AIRLINES</Text>
                            <Text>* FRONTIER AIRLINES</Text>
                            <Text>* HAWAIIAN AIRLINES</Text>
                            <Text>* MIDWEST AIRLINES</Text>
                            <Text>* NORTHWEST AIRLINES</Text>
                            <Text>* SOUTHWEST AIRLINES</Text>
                            <Text>* SPIRIT AIRLINES</Text>
                            <Text>* SUN COUNTRY AIRLINES</Text>
                            <Text>* UNITED AIRLINES</Text>
                            <Text>* US AIRWAYS</Text>
                            <Text>* VIRGIN AMERICA</Text>
                            <Text>FOR RENTALS IN THE US, PUERTO RICO, AND CANADA WHEN THE</Text>
                            <Text>RENTER CHOOSES TO RECEIVE MILES IN THE AMERICAN</Text>
                            <Text>AIRLINES AADVANTAGE PROGRAM THE FREQUENT FLYER</Text>
                            <Text>SURCHARGE WILL BE CALCULATED BASED ON THE FEDERAL</Text>
                            <Text>MILES FROM AMERICAN AIRLINES.  UNDER THE TAX RELIEF ACT</Text>
                            <Text>OF 1997, ALL COMPANIES THAT PURCHASE FREQUENT FLYER</Text>
                            <Text>MILES FROM AIRLINES MUST PAY A 7.5 PERCENT EXCISE TAX</Text>
                            <Text>ON THE COST OF THOSE MILES *ON AVERAGE, 6 CENTS PER</Text>
                            <Text>SURCHARGE IS NOT APPLICABLE TO MILEAGE/POINTS OR</Text>
                            <Text>CREDITS EARNED ON INTERNATIONAL AIRLINES, HOTEL</Text>
                            <Text>PROGRAMS OR OTHER NON-AIRLINE FREQUENCY PROGRAMS.</Text>
                            <Text>STATE AND/OR LOCAL TAXES OF 11 PERCENT WILL BE</Text>
                            <Text>APPLIED TO THE RENTAL.</Text>
                            <LossDamages>LOSS DAMAGE WAIVER LDW -- LDW IS NOT INSURANCE</LossDamages>
                            <LossDamages>THE LOSS DAMAGE WAIVER IS AN OPTIONAL CUSTOMER</LossDamages>
                            <LossDamages>SERVICE WHICH RELIEVES THE CUSTOMER FROM</LossDamages>
                            <LossDamages>RESPONSIBILITY FOR THE LOSS OF OR DAMAGE TO THE</LossDamages>
                            <LossDamages>RENTAL CAR RESULTING FROM ANY CAUSE PROVIDED THE</LossDamages>
                            <LossDamages>CAR IS USED IN ACCORDANCE WITH THE TERMS OF THE</LossDamages>
                            <LossDamages>RENTAL AGREEMENT.</LossDamages>
                            <LossDamages>LDW COSTS VARIES ACCORDING TO VEHICLE TYPE...</LossDamages>
                            <LossDamages>ECAR/CCAR/CDAR/ISAR/EXAR.............USD 9.00 PER DAY.</LossDamages>
                            <LossDamages>WSAR/LJAR/PFAR......................USD 28.99 PER DAY.</LossDamages>
                            <LossDamages>XEAR................................USD 35.99 PER DAY.</LossDamages>
                            <LossDamages>WFAR/PTAR/XBAR/LWAR.................USD 38.99 PER DAY.</LossDamages>
                            <LossDamages>URAR................................USD 59.99 PER DAY.</LossDamages>
                            <LossDamages>CSAR/XCAR/LLAR......................USD 69.00 PER DAY.</LossDamages>
                            <LossDamages>ALL OTHER VEHICLE TYPES.............USD 15.00 PER DAY.</LossDamages>
                        <Address Type="L">
                            <AddressLine>SAN FRANCISCO INTL AIRPORT</AddressLine>
                            <CityName>SAN FRANCISCO</CityName>
                            <StateProv StateCode="CA"/>
                            <StreetNmbr>780 MCDONNELL ROAD</StreetNmbr>
                        <ContactNumber Emergency="800-654-5060" Fax="650-624-6683" Phone="650-624-6600"/>
                            <OperationTime DayOfWeek="SUN">
                                <Close RPH="1">23:59</Close>
                                <Open RPH="1">00:00</Open>
                            <OperationTime DayOfWeek="MON">
                                <Close RPH="1">23:59</Close>
                                <Open RPH="1">00:00</Open>
                            <OperationTime DayOfWeek="TUE">
                                <Close RPH="1">23:59</Close>
                                <Open RPH="1">00:00</Open>
                            <OperationTime DayOfWeek="WED">
                                <Close RPH="1">23:59</Close>
                                <Open RPH="1">00:00</Open>
                            <OperationTime DayOfWeek="THU">
                                <Close RPH="1">23:59</Close>
                                <Open RPH="1">00:00</Open>
                            <OperationTime DayOfWeek="FRI">
                                <Close RPH="1">23:59</Close>
                                <Open RPH="1">00:00</Open>
                            <OperationTime DayOfWeek="SAT">
                                <Close RPH="1">23:59</Close>
                                <Open RPH="1">00:00</Open>
                <VehicleProvider Code="ZE" CompanyShortName="HERTZ"/>
                <Vendor Code="ZE" CompanyShortName="HERTZ"/>