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Station Profile

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Airline Carrier
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Each airline partition can have multiple ticketing stations which are identified by a unique station number. The Station Profile displays the list of ticketing locations or stations for an airline, and the foundational ticketing abilities for each location.

Ticketing profile web service provides the ability to search and retrieve carrier profile settings associated to ticket capabilities via XML based web services.

Services exposed for Airline Solutions:

  • Retrieve carrier starion info (GetStationProfile) - The Station Profile search returns the list of ticketing locations or stations for an airline and the foundational ticketing abilities for each location
Sample Request
<GetStationProfileRQ xmlns="" Version="1.0.0">
    <POS xmlns:STL="">
Sample Response
<GetStationProfileRS xmlns="" xmlns:STL="" xmlns:ns4="" xmlns:ns5="" Stations="224" Version="1.0.0">
    <Header messageID="TKTHLI702-23532-1348335064-1478027040015-65">
                <STL:OrchestrationID seq="1">TKTHLI700-14893-174031089-1400742824959-16859-tktdoc</STL:OrchestrationID>
    <POS xmlns:STL="">
        <Station channel="ATO" code="SYDGS" number="02381816"/>
        <OfficeAccountingCode accountingCode="GS" city="SYD" officeId="0238181" validatingProvider="AM"/>
        <TicketingOptions ATAC_active="false" commisionProtectTicketing="false" neutralTicketing="true" ticketingAllowed="true">
            <SalesReport active="true"/>
        <PaymentOptions acceleratedCreditCardBilling="false" electronicCommerceIndicator="false"/>