Merge Profile Objects AS


EPS_AS_EXT_ProfileMergeRQ is a Customer Insight web service that merges duplicate profiles into a master profile. Duplicates can be verified prior to the merge using the EPS_AS_EXT_ProfileDupCheckRQ service.

API Information

Target Audience
Sabre Airline Solutions
Current Version
Session Token
Service Action Code

Profiles: Profiles are individual entities for which information is stored. The system supports Traveler, Corporation, Agent, and Operational profiles.

Additional information about these elements and their functionality can be found in the Sabre Profiles Technical User Guide.

Sample Request

<Sabre_OTA_ProfileMergeRQ xmlns="" Version="6.49">
		<TPA_Identity ClientCode="AS" ClientContextCode="CI" DomainID="ZX" ProfileTypeCode="TVL" UniqueID="3501859065"/>
		<TPA_Identity ClientCode="AS" ClientContextCode="CI" DomainID="ZX" ProfileTypeCode="TVL" UniqueID="4173548877"/>

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