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What is it?

The Geo Search V4 API identifies airports, hotels, rail stations, and car rental locations that fall within a given geographic search location using a radius search. It has three different types of location resolutions:

  • An airport or multi-airport city (MAC) code
  • A Geo (latitude and longitude) code
  • The name of the location (e.g. town or city name)

Why use it?

The Geo Search API

  • allows customers to search hotels based on Airport Code/POI/Address/City Name/Rail staions/Geo Code (latitude and longitude).
  • includes an additional Radius parameter, which allows a radius search up to 200 miles or kilometers wide.
  • provides two filters CHAIN and LOCALAREA to use with the GeoSearch criteria.
  • returns a brief description of the hotels, cars, rail stations, or airports located within the search parameters.

How it works

The Geo Search V4 API is mainly used by the CSL platform which uses global IDs.

It provides three types of searches:

  • By GeoCode: provide the Latitude and Longitude for a particular radius.

  • By RefPoint: provide the type of reference points. (There are various type of reference points.)

    For RefPoint search, ValueContext is set to either CODE or NAME.

    Search by RefPointType ValueContext
    Airport code 6 'CODE'
    Polygon ID 37 'CODE'
    Hotel code 11 'CODE'
    Point Of Interest (POI) 16 'NAME'
    RAIL 7 'NAME'
  • By address: provide the complete or partial address information such as street, city, postal code, country, state/province, country code etc.

The Geo Search V4 API also provides two types of filters in the name of GeoAttributes to narrow down the returned hotel properties.

  • Chain - e.g.: EN
  • Local Area - e.g. : Stuttgart greater area

Note: You can give a maximum of twenty chain/local areas or chain and local areas as filters.

The Geo Search V4 API also provides a filter in the name of GeoAttributes to narrow down the returned CAR properties.

  • Vendor - e.g.: ZI

Note: You can give a maximum of twenty vendors as filters.

How to use

This API offers the endpoint.

Use Case:

Get available hotels information based on generic search qualifiers like Geo Code, RefPoint, Address and more.