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Deprecated API

Warning! The Geo Autocomplete v1 API will be decommissioned soon. The sunset timeline for this and other APIs is available on the Retirement Schedule. Thank you.

What is it?

In detail: the API uses the full word or substring to search across all locations to match against a geographic search query. By default, it returns an on-the-fly list of up to five of the most relevant location predictions to aid the traveler in selecting a desired place. A location can be an airport, city, or rail station.

Optional search preferences are available to sort and filter results, including the ability to specify a category (such as "AIR" for airports, "CITY" for city name and "RAIL" for rail stations) and a limit on the number of search results to return per category.

Why use it?

You could use this API to provide autocomplete functionality for text-based airport name searches. From this data, travelers can select from a list of places that most closely match their search query. For example, if "Dall" is typed, then "Dallas/Fort Worth International" and "Dallas Love Field" airport information will be returned.

How it works

Geographic data response

The response is sorted by relevance and contains geographic details about each search result (place), including: a name, category, location information (such as geographical coordinates, a postal address, city, state and country), an ID (such as an airport, multi-airport city (MAC) code or Sabre ID), a rank and a confidence factor. A confidence factor indicates the degree of accuracy in the latitude and longitude (as provided by the geocoding entity). A rank (from 1-900) indicates the population density or traffic volume of the place. A city is ranked by population (900 indicates a large population). An airport is ranked by the number of nonstop flights served from the airport (900 indicates high traffic) and a duplicate rank can also be assigned in the descending order. Only 5 results are returned in the response as the default limit is set to 5. If more results have to be returned in the response, then the limit can be set to result limit.

Note: Geographic information, including latitude and longitude, is provided by a third party geocoding entity. Sabre makes no representation or warranty regarding the accuracy of the geographic information provided by the geocoding entity.