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Airline Alliance Lookup

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What is it?

An airline alliance is an agreement between two or more airlines to cooperate in their day to day business. These partnerships allow member airlines of an alliance group to extend a broader set of benefits to airline passengers, including faster mileage rewards. Therefore, customers may prefer to fly within a certain airline alliance network.

This API can be used with any API that accepts or returns an airline alliance group code: Bargain Finder Max, Alternate Date and Advanced Calendar Search (beta)

Why use it?

You could use this API to create a search filter that allows customers to specify an alliance group. From this data, a oneworld® frequent flyer can sort and filter search results by the oneworld alliance network.

How to use

Advanced Calendar Search API

The Advanced Calendar Search API returns up to 200 of the lowest published fares across a 6 month window from the Sabre cache for a given city pair. Numerous travel date preferences are available, including the ability to limit flight options to specific days of the week.

Airline Lookup API

The Airline Lookup API returns the airline name associated with a specified IATA airline code.

Alternate Date API

The Alternate Date API returns the lowest available priced itineraries within +/- 1-3 days of a specified travel date.

Bargain Finder Max API

The Bargain Finder Max API returns the lowest available priced itineraries for a specified travel date.


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