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CKI Passenger Upgrade Downgrade

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What is it?

The CKI Passenger Upgrade Downgrade service enables upgrading or downgrading of a passenger(s) and issue the corresponding boarding pass(es).

Why use it?

In an airport environment, the agent will have to upgrade/downgrade certain passenger(s) for various business processes for a seamless operation.

How it works

The CKI Passenger Upgrade Downgrade service facilitates upgrading/downgrading passenger based on requested seat number or requested seat characteristics.

Upgrade/Downgrade a Passenger with requested Seat Number UpgradeDowngradeRQ, request done with the seat number requested will check-in the passenger in the requested booking class and the seat number. If the requested seat is not available, the service returns an error, and the boarding pass is not generated. If the seat number does not match, the requested booking class code can also cause an error.

Upgrade/Downgrade a Passenger by Seat Characteristic This option enables upgrading/downgrading of a passenger(s) with a desired seat characteristic such as window, aisle, or other. If the seat characteristic is not available, the passenger is just upgraded/ downgraded but is not checked in. If the passenger is not checked-in, no boarding pass is issued.

Upgrade/Downgrade Multiple Passengers Client can request upgrade or downgrade multiple passengers. The following conditions apply:

• All passengers must have requested seat numbers or the seat characteristics. The combination of few passenger(s) with seat number and few passenger(s) with seat characteristic is not allowed.

• The element value requestedBookingClassCode and currentBookingClassCode is applicable for all the passengers in the request, and they must be the same.

• Up to 10 passengers can be sent in one request. If any passenger request fails, the passengers may be upgraded/downgraded to the new class but will not be checked-in, and a boarding pass will not be issued.

Printing options during Upgrade/Downgrade The boarding pass printed as a result of upgrade/downgrade can be requested in multiple formats. If the carrier has a boarding pass with digital signature capabilities active, on request, the barcode will be digitally signed. The service supports the following mentioned printing options:

• Image – the boarding pass is returned in the binary image data.

• PECTAB – the boarding pass data is retuned with PECTAB and data stream.

• Boarding pass data – the boarding pass data is returned with json structured data.

• ZPL Boarding Pass Data – Returns print data in Zebra Programming Language (ZPL).

How to use

The CKI Passenger Upgrade Downgrade service must be called with either the requested seat or with the requested characteristics.

• Requested seat characteristics must be the same for all the passengers in the request.

• Non-revenue passengers must be upgraded and downgraded with the appropriate priority code details defined by the carrier.

• If there is an error checking in the passenger in the requested booking class, the passenger will be placed into the new requested booking class, and a boarding pass is not issued.