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CKI Passenger Transfer

Airline Carrier
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What is it?

CKI Passenger Transfer is used to transfer single, multiple, or all passengers from a flight to a new flight. This API can also check-in and onboard the transferred passenger(s) and issue new boarding with new flight details.

Why use it?

In the event of oversold flights or technical flight failures, airport agents require the ability to transfer passengers to other flights as part of a seamless check-in process.

How it works

´╗┐Use the CKI Passenger Transfer API to to transfer single, multiple, or all passengers:

  • CKI Passenger Transfer will transfer all passengers from the current flight to the new flight and issue boarding passes with the new flight details.
  • If passengers are already checked in and have boarded the flight, and the transfer has been completed, CKI Passenger Transfer provides the option to automatically check-in and onboard passengers to the new flight.

How to use

To make a successful call to this API, include the following parameters in your request:

Name Required? Description
flightCriteria Required Include the details of the original flight, such as the carrier code, flight number, departure airport code, and the departure date.
newFlightCriteria Required Include transfer flight details, such as the carrier code, flight number, departure airport code, and the departure date.
transferAll Optional If true, all passengers on the current flight will be transfered to the new flight.
passengerIdList Optional Use this field to transfer one or multiple passengers by ID.
checkinOnNewFlight Optional If true, all the transferred passengers will be automatically checked in and onboarded to the new flight.
printingOption Optional Select the applicable printing option to print new boarding passes once the transfer is complete.