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CKI Passenger Select VCR

Airline Carrier
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What is it?

The CKI Passenger Select VCR API allows the client to select the Virtual Coupon Record (VCR) to issue an electronic ticket before the check-in process.

Why use it?

Aligned with the IATA industry standard, electronic ticketing is replacing paper tickets. To get an electronic ticket, passenger(s) should have a Virtual Coupon Record (VCR) number associated with their booking. VCR information can be shared between the airline and their interline partners, ground handlers, and GDSs. All transactions are tracked, and various reports are available online and offline to reflect flown, sales, agent overrides, interline and agency exchange/refund activities.

How it works

´╗┐The CKI Passenger Select VCR API attaches the Virtual Coupon Record (VCR) number and the coupon code to a specific passenger to issue an electronic ticket before the check-in process. The API also supports up to a list of 15 passengers in a single call.

How to use

To make a successful call to this API, the request should contain:

  • Flight information details containing airlineCode , flightNumber, departureDate and departureAirportCode.
  • The passenger list information containing passengerId, vcrNumber and couponNumber.