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CKI Passenger Search

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What is it?

The service will search for the passenger across all flights, of both the host and 3PGH flights, from a station with only the passenger's last name, unless otherwise specified. Other search criteria can be found in the How To Use section. Once the search is complete, the service will return all the possible matches with the below information.

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Passenger Record Locator
  • Frequent Flyer Membership details
  • Passenger check-in status
  • Passenger Boarding Status
  • Passenger Flight Details (complete itinerary)
  • Passenger Group Code
  • Flight Departure Terminal and Gate

Why use it?

If a need arises for an agent or host to search for passenger details when the passenger's record locator or their flight number is not provided, the SSCI Passenger Search API can serve to find the passenger through other search criteria.

How it works

The SSCI Passenger Search API will follow the below procedure while searching for passengers.

A search will be performed across all the operating host flights in a partition, which includes ground handled flights. It will not be performed on marketing flights, gates flights and pseudo flights.

A search will be performed only on flights with the below status in the check-in system.

  • 'HELD',
  • 'OPENA',
  • 'OPENAI',
  • 'OPENC',
  • 'OPENCI',
  • 'FINAL',
  • 'HOLD'

If the departure airport is not specified, the search will be performed on the AAA airport of the agent.

If a date range is specified, the search for passengers will happen on all the flights within the range including the current date.

If a date range is not specified, the search for passengers will happen on all the flights within the default date range configured for the carrier.

The default date range is be configured as current date -1 day to current date +1 day. However, the carrier can if needed configure any value required, up to -3 and +3 days.

The search result will be sorted based on the planes' departure dates and departure times and include up to a maximum 50 possible name matches with their details in the response.

In an event of the search returning more than 50 names, the system will include the first 50 possible name match with their details and include a message to use additional search criteria.

How to use

Although by default the service searches with only the passenger's last name, it also supports the option to provide additional search criteria, as specified below. Additional Search Criteria Options

  • Passenger First Name
  • Passenger Frequent Flyer
  • Departure Airport Code
  • Arrival Airport code
  • Date Range