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CKI Passenger Offload

Airline Carrier
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What is it?

The OffLoadPassenger service returns the seat of the accommodated passenger to inventory.

Why use it?

Due to oversold tickets, changed aircraft or some security reasons, Airlines sometimes need to offload a checked-in passenger or a group of passengers for seamless operation.

How it works

´╗┐You can use the OffloadPassenger service to unassign the seat of checked-in passengers. In addition, this service has the provision of mass offload and excludes or includes passenger(s) who have an inbound connection.

If the offloaded passenger has baggage checked-in with the help of this service, the client can offload that baggage.

How to use

The requestor needs to provide the following data to execute the OffloadPassenger service:

  • flight information such as airline code, flight number, departure city and departure date.
  • list of seat numbers that the requestor needs to unassign.
  • list of passenger ids in case of offloading multiple passengers.
  • service has provision to mass offload. The requestor can include or exclude passenger who has an inbound connection.
  • if "bagOnBoard " is true, the OffloadPassenger service will be offloaded baggage if a passenger has checked-in baggage.