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CKI Passenger Check-In

Airline Carrier

What is it?

The Passenger Check-In API verifies the entire passenger itinerary to determine any missing check-in information such as gender, passport information, as per the pre-defined check-in information defined by airlines before issuing the boarding pass. If any of the pre-defined check-in passenger information is not provided, the service returns an error message indicating the missing information. It is client's responsibility to provide corresponding screen displays requesting the required missing information.

Why use it?

The Passenger Check-In API enables check-in for passenger(s) and issues the corresponding boarding pass(es) depending on the entire passenger itinerary. API also supports the biometric check-in process.

How it works

The Passenger Check-In API facilitates:

  • Check-in of passenger(s)
  • Thru check-in of the passenger on downline segments
  • Issues boarding pass
  • Check-in a passenger(s) on new alternative flight
  • Adding edit codes during check-in
  • Placing an eligible passenger(s) on the priority list during check-in
  • Fetches the passenger information based on uniquePassengerId during a biometric check-in process
    The system issues a boarding pass data only if the passenger(s) has all pre-defined check-in documentation required for entire itinerary.

How to use

The Passenger Check-In API enables you to check-in a passenger or group of passengers at the same time. It also support the biometric check-in process. Choose from any of the following options to perform the check-in operation:

  • If the request does not include an arrival airport code, Passenger Check-In will check in all segments of the passenger's itinerary (if performed within the check-in window). For "short" check in, provide an arrival airport code until the passenger is checked-in.
  • Check-in by providing either the passenger last name and passenger id or the uniquePassengerId in case of biometric check-in in the PassengerDetail section in request.
  • Check-in by seat. This option enables check-in of passenger(s) into the specific seat (if available) or request a desired seat characteristic such as window, aisle, or other.
  • Check-in and change the booking class. This option is used to change the passenger booking class from Y to J (business) or vice versa.
  • Check-in and place passenger on the priority list (Upgrade/ Downgrade).
  • Check-in multiple passengers in case of a group of passengers.
  • Check-in the passenger on a new alternative flight in case of transferring the passenger to another flight.
  • Check in and add passenger edit codes. You can provide the passenger's frequent flyer number here.