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CKI Passenger Boarding Pass Reprint

Airline Carrier

What is it?

The boarding pass reprint service is used for reprinting the already issued boarding pass for a passenger who has checked-in. This service also supports returning the boarding pass details as a data feed to build the boarding pass as per the customer.

Why use it?

The boarding pass reprint service is used to reprint boarding passes that were previously issued in airport ecosystem in situations when:

  • the previous boarding pass was damaged or not printed correctly
  • the boarding pass was virtually issued without physical printing
  • the boarding pass was lost or unable to scan thus demanding it to be reprinted, to reflect accurate information on the boarding pass.

How it works

• The request for reprint should contain the itinerary details, passenger's last name, passengerId list (in case of group of passengers) or passenger seat number. • multiSegmentBoardingPass indicator should be true in case airlines want to reprint the boarding pass using multi-segment boarding pass layout. • printingOption (BoardingPassData, Image, ZplBagTagData or PECTAB) when present in the request, generates boarding pass construction data in the response based on the print option type.

Requestor can build custom boarding pass using this information present in the response.

How to use

Using boarding pass reprint service, airport agent can reprint the boarding passes of the passengers that were already issued earlier. To reprint boarding passes, the client needs to provide the following information:

  • flight information like airline code, flight number, departure city, and departure date.
  • passenger information such as passenger's last name along with passenger id. In the case of a group of passengers, the client needs to enter all the passenger's id.
  • client can provide a seat number directly to reprint the boarding pass of the respective passenger
  • print format (Image/PECTAB/BoardingPassData/ZplBoardingPassData). If the client wants to reprint the boarding pass on the multisegment layout then multiSegmentBoardingPass parameter has to be set as true.