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CKI Add To Priority List

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What is it?

The AddToPriorityList service adds the requested passengers to the priority list (PALL). The clients can request this service using different input parameters, like seat characteristics, change booking class, and upgrade priority code, along with the mandatory parameters to achieve additional functions.

Why use it?

The airline needs to add passenger(s) to the priority list (PALL) in case of overbooking or upgrading/downgrading some passengers, so that the agent can assign the seat to these passengers.

How it works

The AddToPriorityList service places one or more passengers to the priority list of the specified flight. The service returns the itinerary, passenger detail including baggage and edit codes, information along with placing the passenger on priority list, if it finds matching data. In the Check-In system, if there was no match found, the service returns ‘NO NAME MATCH FOUND’.

The AddToPriorityList service considers only those flights that are initialized in the Check-In system for the requested date. Therefore, the flight should be initialized in the Check-In system to add the requested passengers on to its priority list.

How to use

The client can add a list of passengers, up to a maximum of 15, to a flight’s priority list using this service.

The minimum required elements are: airline, flight, booking class, origin, passenger last name, passenger id, and priority code. The priority code used to place the passenger on the priority list must be defined in the priority code table.

The client can request a passenger to be added to the flight’s priority list in a booking class different from the actual booking class in the PNR. This way, a passenger can be upgraded or downgraded to a specific booking class. However, the correct eligible priority code should be used.